President Trump’s Rally In Montana Live Stream

The rally kicks off at 9:00 PM EST…

president trump montana rally


Trump is speaking in Missoula, Montana Now!

Behold, the live stream of President Trump’s rally in Billings, Montana!

Switched to CBS for live stream:

Started following the rally more. I’ll be adding comments as it happens.

9:28: President Trump is currently bashing Democrats such as Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters. Assured the assembled crowd that John Tester will support Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

9:30: Trump is pointing out that Tester is running numerous pro-Trump ads despite the fact that he doesn’t intend to support Trump in any way.

9:31: Trump just brought up Ronny Jackson, the White House doctor who was in line to be Trump’s next Surgeon General. Democrats, of course, torpedoed that nomination because Dr. Jackson declared Trump healthy and mentally fit.

How dare he!

9:33: Here’s a reminder of what happened to Doctor Ronny Jackson.

Trump is currently blasting the Democrats who have spent the last two days attacking Brett Kavanaugh.

9:35: Trump’s mocking the fake news media that constantly questions his mental health. He called out fake news by name.

9:37: President Trump is recapping the 2016 election. He’s also calling out “Crazy Bernie” Sanders. I’m sure this will drive the Fake News Media crazy.

What they won’t realize, of course, is that Trump is setting up his 2020 attacks on potential opponents. Bernie Sanders is widely expected to run again, and we all know Crooked Hillary Clinton would just love another crack at the presidency.

Or maybe Chelsea Clinton…

9:41: Trump has spent the last few minutes listing all of his administration’s accomplishments. It’s an impressive list of economic and foreign policy successes, yet he’s just rattling them off like it’s just another day at the office.

9:43: “It’s always nice when a president or prime minister calls you sir.”


9:45: Uh oh! Trump’s talking about his “great meeting” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Cure Leftist tears in 3…2…1…

9:47: “I’m president! You’re president (points to the crowd)! We’re winning!”

9:48: Trump’s blasting John Tester’s record. Specifically calling out how horrible Obamacare is, and pledging to repeal and replace it.

9:49: Lots of boos from the crowd when Trump brings up John Tester’s votes against Kate’s Law and for refugees and sanctuary cities.

9:51: “How do you impeach someone that’s doing a great job?”

Trump is on fire tonight. His speech is the typical stream of consciousness that we’ve seen at Trump rallies in the past, but he is definitely on his game. I haven’t seen him once refer to any notes at all. He’s animated, passionate, and he’s got the crowd fired up. This is classic Campaign Trump at his finest. The man is in his element right now.

9:58: Aww, somebody’s triggered:

Trump’s calling out the Deep State. Specifically he’s called on the New York Times to publish the identity of the anonymous staffer who wrote the op-ed yesterday claiming to be part of The Resistance.

I’m sure that’ll go over well with the media.

10:00: Trump pointing out that if he hadn’t been elected the country’s GDP would be in negative numbers. Given that Hillary Clinton would’ve been Obama 2.0 I think it’s fair to say he’s probably right.

10:04: Trump is busy telling the audience exactly what Republicans will stand for this election season. He’s clearly and concisely laying out the case for voting for republicans like Rosendale in November. I’ve heard him say about 4 times tonight that Democrats want to raise taxes.

10:07: Unfortunately I’m having to cut my coverage short this evening. The day job is going to call me up early tomorrow morning. Enjoy the rest of the rally!


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