BREAKING UPDATE: Grassley Accepts Deal for Ford to Appear Before the Senate Judiciary Committee

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UPDATE: Last Minute Negotiations Have Forced Christine Ford to Agree to Testify

The details will be worked out later, but it appears that the professor will testify before the committee:

Although details are still being worked out, Ford’s appearance would put an end to a stalemate that’s lasted for several days, and engulfed Kavanaugh’s nomination in a firestorm of controversy. This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ranking lawmaker threatened to advance a vote as early as Monday, in an ultimatum meant to compel Ford to tell her side of the story.

In a letter, Ford’s lawyers blasted the committee’s proposals for Ford’s testimony as “fundamentally inconsistent with the committee’s promise of a fair, impartial investigation into her allegations, and we are disappointed with the leaks and the bullying that have tainted the process,” wrote Debra Katz and Lisa Banks.

However, “we are hopeful that we can reach agreement on details,” they added.

Original story from yesterday evening below:

It looks like the end has come for the Christine Ford delay delay delay circus and Grassley rejected her final delay:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley appears to have ended the halting talks with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about testifying next week about her allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh. After setting a sudden 10:00 PM deadline for agreement with his terms and rejecting further talks with Ford or her lawyers, Grassley has reportedly scheduled a Committee vote on the confirmation for Monday.

Talks broke down after Ford’s lawyers ignored the deadline,Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times reported on Twitter that “talks between Blasey Ford and Senate Republicans appear to have broken down.”

“Grassley set a committee vote on Kavanaugh for Monday. Blasey Ford lawyers sent blistering e-mail accusing Republicans of bullying their client,” she added.

Ford’s lawyers attacked Grassley’s deadline and determination to set “unreasonable conditions” so that their client’s testimony could not proceed.

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New: Letter from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer Debra Katz to the Senate Judiciary Committee Majority staff.

Chris Hayes of MSNBC took to Twitter to whine about the Senate Republicans waking up to the delay circus tactics of the Democrats:

Chris Hayes on Twitter

So even though Dr Ford is saying please stop, slow down, I’m not comfortable with the way this is going, the GOP is gonna plow through, ignore her telling them to stop and just take what they think is rightfully theirs?

Mitch McConnell earlier today told attendees of the Values Voter summit that he has the votes in the Senate to confirm Kavanaugh, likely signaling to Grassley that he’s done humoring the Democrats.


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