Overton Window Moved: Anti Christian Militants demand ARREST of Edwards AFB Commander for profession of Christianity

It’s begun, folks.  They’re coming for Christians and they want us in jail.  To quote Arcadehero:

Well he should be unpersoned for desiring the well-being of others.
Now raping children, honor killing wayward teens and making naughty time with the family goat when the Mrs. Has a headache (after beating the ever loving shit out of her) are all A-OK as it is what the Prophet Of Islam would do.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein and his dubiously named Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) filed a formal complaint this week with Defense Secretary James Mattis alleging that Brig. Gen. E. John Teichert, a Christian and the newly installed commander of the 412 Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base in California, engaged in “intolerance/proselytizing; violations of DoD diversity & civil liberties policies; and Air Force standards violations.”

In a press release on Monday, the virulently anti-Christain organization screeched that Teichert “should be doing time behind prison bars, not commanding a wing wearing general’s stars.”

Teichert “has denigrated LGBT individuals, slammed American society at large, and, of course, delivered election voting mandate directives wherein he has effusively urged that only HIS type of approved Christian should ever be elected to American public office,” according to the salacious smear by MRFF.

According to his biography at the Edwards Air Force Base website, Teichert “has directed the F-22 Combined Test Force and commanded the 411th Flight Test Squadron, responsible for F-22 Raptor developmental.” In addition, the decorated general “commanded the 53d Test Management Group, providing operational test and evaluation of USAF fighters, bombers, combat search and rescue systems, remotely piloted aircraft, aircrew training devices, aircrew flight equipment, weapons, and space systems.” Most recently, according to the bio, Teichert “commanded the 11th Wing and Joint Base Andrews, responsible for the security, personnel, contracting, finance, medical and infrastructure support for five wings, three headquarters, and over 80 tenant organizations, as well as 60,000 Airmen and families in the National Capital Region and around the world. “

That’s quite a resume. You wouldn’t know it from the portrait painted of him by MRFF.

The group’s press release highlights a quote from “one of General Teichert’s sermons,” where he said, “I would ask for your prayers for wisdom in my life of leadership and discernment and understanding and knowledge for influence over the nation’s senior leaders that I get to rub shoulders with. My desire in my life is to maximize my impact on people in our country for the Lord.”

Treacherous statements in the view of Weinstein and his angry atheist friends. Indeed, it appears the dogma “lives loudly” within Teichert, to paraphrase Weinstein’s fellow religious bigot, Sen. Dianne Feinstein.


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