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microsoft gab attack free speech

Last week Microsoft gave the free speech social media website Gab an ultimatum: delete some distasteful posts from a user or we’ll yank your web hosting. It wasn’t the first time Gab has been threatened by Big Tech, and it won’t be the last. I railed against Microsoft’s move, but one commenter disagreed with me, and even tried to justify Microsoft’s attack on free speech.

In the latest episode of Trigger Warning Radio I’ll respond to this comment. I’ll also tell you exactly why Microsoft’s actions were indeed a vicious assault on the right to free speech.

Show Notes

  1. Responding to a comment on my previous podcast “Microsoft Threatens To Kill Gab.”
    1. “I put my two cents over here: 1st post of this Patrick guy was Slander & Defamation, 2nd was calling for violence so it’s Libel & not protected by 1st amendment. For the latter (i.e libel) I believe these social media platform should act swiftly but for the former (i.e Slander & defamation) there should be a court proceeding (i.e due process). Sorry Kaiju but your coming here on one side & your analysis is very crude over here.”
  2. Couple things.
    1. Slander and libel are defamation. Slander is spoken, libel is written.
      1. Patrick Little’s first tweet might be libel.
    2. Second tweet might be incitement.
    3. Both would be difficult to prove and punish in court.
    4. Says Patrick Little should be subject to due process.
  3. That’s the point.
    1. What due process does Big Tech have?
    2. What gives them the right to decide what is a crime?
  4. Why is Microsoft not going after other platforms?
    1. Twitter, YouTube & Facebook allow multiple crimes per day.
  5. Andrew Torba was on InfoWars two days earlier.
    1. Promised Alex Jones would have a home on Gab.
  6. Microsoft launched a direct attack on Gab & free speech.

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