Why Is Michael Cohen Going To Jail?

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Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, has point blank said that his client has evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. Davis made the shocking statement on Wednesday’s episode of Morning Joe. If that’s true it would confirm every crazy conspiracy theory the Left has spawned over the last three years.

Yet Michael Cohen is going to jail for 3-5 years for serious federal crimes. If Cohen has such bombshell evidence why is he going to jail?

I’ll tell you what I think on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Michael Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis says Cohen has evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.
    1. Made the announcement on Morning Joe.
    2. Play the video.
  2. Why is Michael Cohen going to jail?
    1. Plea includes 3-5 years of jail time.
    2. Robert Mueller has given immunity before.
    3. Why not give it to Michael Cohen?
  3. Lanny Davis created a GoFundMe account for Michael Cohen.
    1. Began August 21 after he plead guilty.
    2. Already raised nearly $40,000.
  4. Why we shouldn’t believe anything Michael Cohen says.

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