Who is Judge Kimba Wood and Why Does it Matter for President Trump?

Kimba Wood is the federal judge in the case against President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. The judge is working closely with the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office and on Monday denied Michael Cohen’s request for a temporary restraining order to block the prosecutors from seeing evidence that may be covered by attorney-client privilege.

Just who is this person and why would she deny this request?

The judge is ex Playboy bunny who worked for late Hugh Hefner’s company in 1966 at one of his Playboy casinos. She was also infamous for her extramarital love trysts with a New York millionaire.

But disturbingly, U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood is a Clinton confidant. She was nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve as his Attorney General in 1993. Just how did she get the nomination? She was hand-picked by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was asked by her husband to send him a list of nominees to consider.

She was later forced to withdraw herself from consideration for the Attorney General nomination when it was revealed that she had employed an illegal immigrant as a nanny.

Given her relationship to the Clinton’s, she should recuse herself from the case right? Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka posted to his Twitter page a tweet that demanded her recusal from this case.

She also is linked to billionaire globalist chaos agent George Soros, having married him to his latest wife Tamiko Bolton.

With her heavy ties to the left, she would obviously harbor quite a bit of bias against the man and his associates who defeated her close personal friend in her run for the White House in 2016, no?

Given her compromised connections to people who have a vested interest and would benefit politically if the President would be taken down by her, it is no wonder that she denied President Donald Trump and his longtime attorney Michael Cohen’s challenge to the FBI’s seizure of Cohen’s documents they both claim are protected by attorney-client privilege.

Cohen had asked Judge Kimba Wood for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop federal prosecutors in Manhattan from viewing the evidence taken by the FBI raid on Cohen’s properties. He asked for an independent third party, called a “special master,” be allowed to sort out what is and is not protected by attorney-client privilege.

This totally and completely impartial Hillary Clinton and George Soros linked judge also denied Trump’s own request that Cohen be allowed to view the materials taken from his possession and decided that the prosecutors can have access to all the evidence they stole from Cohen’s home, office, safety deposit box, and hotel room for 10 days before the defense team gets to see what they stole.

The materials seized by FBI agents from Cohen’s home, office, safety deposit box, and hotel room includes “documents relating to communications with the president of the United States covered by the attorney-client privilege,” Cohen’s lawyer, Todd Harrison, said in Monday’s letter to Wood.

Wood also noted that she has not yet decided whether she will appoint a special master in the case at all saying “it’s not that you’re not good people, it’s that you’ve miscited the law.” The irony in a statement from Judge Wood about interpreting “the law” is juicy when she herself broke the law to hire illegal aliens to work for her.

Wood told both sides to review the documents quickly and to prepare “proposals for how we can move fast” on the case going forward.

Before she ended the hearing, Judge Kimba Wood also ordered Michael Cohen to reveal a previously unnamed client. That man was none other than Fox News host and radio personality Sean Hannity, who is now facing a tsunami of hate from the left and calls to boycott his advertisers.

Sean Hannity sought to clarify the relationship last night saying that Michael Cohen “never represented me in any legal matter,” saying the media feeding frenzy around the revelation is “overblown.”

Exit Question: How long until the boycotts become effective against Sean Hannity?


Written by NWC

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