Trump’s Ability to Redefine Words

Mission Accomplished!

During the campaign, Donald Trump famously said “I know words, I have the best words. I have the best, but there is no better word than stupid.” He was actually talking about Obama policies at the time and, of course, he was right.

Something fun to watch is how President Trump is able to redefine words and take control of a narrative. In my view, that’s what he’s really using Twitter to accomplish along with keeping his agenda in the face of every one, every moment, of every day. For free.

Let’s take Sanctuary City. What the left intended “sanctuary city” to mean was protecting the innocent, well meaning, hard working, non-citizens in our country who don’t have quite the paperwork — like a green card or citizenship. How could that have happened? A little paperwork pushing and the entire problem is resolved along with the acquisition of millions of new concerned citizens who could vote for change — as directed by their new Democrat benefactors.

Within the last few months, Donald Trump, personally, has begun to shift the meaning to releasing dangerous rapists, drug dealings, felons, and generally really bad hombres into the streets of the United States.

What’s really important is that there have been very, very few Republicans who have managed to have “the best words” without their meaning being completely twisted by the MSM and the Democrat Party (although I repeat myself). I actually can’t think of an instance where any Republican in my lifetime has been able to actually redefine a Democrat term.

A great example is the word abortion which, according to Democrats, is just a part of woman’s health and not killing babies.

Newt Gingrich was the best we’ve had with the term “A Contract With America.” The left never came up with a good counter. Major Garrett, now Chief White House Correspondent with CBS News, gave it a try for Mother Jones in 1995 when he said:

The Republican “Contract with America” is a popular exercise meant to divert attention from their real agenda: deep cuts in many programs that Americans rely on–from poultry inspections to health research.

MAGA used the term “contract with America” in a slightly different way.

Make America Great Again. It is a contract between myself and the American voter — and begins with restoring honesty and accountability, and bringing change to Washington.

It’s a good word.

The first word that President Trump redefined was Obamacare. Republicans rather clumsily applied Obama’s name to the Affordable Care Act and the name just stuck as a shorthand for legislation that didn’t have a useful name rather than something that was ill conceived. Candidate Trump was really the only Republican to brand Obamacare as a disaster that needed replacing.

So here’s a bit of Google trivia. If you Google “Obamacare disaster,” you get 491,000 results. If you Google “tentacle porn” you get 1,810,000 results.

Another word President Trump is trying to co-opt is DACA. A few days ago, President Trump said

The Democrats have really let them down. They really let them down. It’s a shame. A lot of people have taken advantage of DACA. It’s a shame.

DACA is a Trump word now that means negotiating a long term solution to illegals brought here as children.’

Interestingly, he also recently said

These big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of DACA. They want in on the act!

The left, of course, responded immediately with how the President didn’t know what DACA was and that he’d killed it in any instance. To speculate here a bit, I suspect the President knows darn good and well that virtually no one in the country knows what DACA actually is and I suspect many would say something like it gives illegals schooling if they know anything about it at all. Many on the left probably say it gives illegals a path to citizenship.

But whatever it is, it represents the United States offering illegals a shot at the American Dream in peoples’ minds and everyone wants in “on the act.”

It will be interesting to see whether he continues to use DACA to represent “coming illegally to grab a part of the American Dream.”

A word he’s tried to grab with limited success is “collusion.” He’s tried relatively unsuccessfully to give the word to Hillary and the Democrat party but that hasn’t stuck very well.

If you went a great example of how the Democrats have been so successful in redefining Republican words, one need look no further than the disastrous Compassionate Conservative from W. The left repositioned the term to nothing more than a propaganda meme and many on the Right thought it just demonstrated indecisiveness. This was such a gift to the left that it’s still used as a pejorative today.

And now we get to the Syria tweet:

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military. Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!

As we know, the left has gone bat-shit crazy over “Mission Accomplished.” Which one of the two of these are are the most likely?:

  1. Donald Trump had never seen the videos of the banner saying “Mission Accomplished” when George W. gave his Iraq speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003 and how the left used this as a meme for the Iraq war.
  2. He just thought it would be fun to take the words back and welcome the comparison to how he’s doing things differently.

Of course, it’s a bit too easy to tell but I’m betting on the second. One thing I’m pretty certain of is that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be asked about it at the next press briefing by some numskull who thinks they’ve got a great “gotcha.”

By the way, “compassionate conservatism” returns 161,000 results and “Trump Hitler” has 18,500,000.

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