Many Koreans Are Now Referring to Trump as Literally ‘The God Emperor’

God Emperor Trump

A Korean user of the_Donald subreddit explains that many Koreans now semi-seriously refer to President Trump as the ‘God Emperor.’

Hi. I’m native Korean who have been living in the southern part of the peninsula for 21 years. I want to share some recent approval(is this word appropriate?) and sentiment toward Mr. Trump and an opposite veto and negative sentiment toward Obama and Hillary here in Korea. I’ve never been to any English speaking country for a single day and I learned English only through school education and private academy… hence my English is broken and poor, so please understand if there are some points you can not grasp, are some words that are inappropriate and weird.

First, before introducing what’s going on in Korea now, you have to understand media environment in South Korea. Some attributes are different but in many points both media in SK and US are corrupt and unreliable. Basically, unlike those in the anglosphere, Koreans have little interest on global/diplomatic issues if they are not related to the peninsula’s problem. We have tons of professional experts on the North/South issue, but very little on other global affairs(except for Far East relation/problems). This is also applied to the field of media, so almost every Korean media gather first information through the so-called mainstream media of US(+BBC). This clearly means that their biased and purposed opinion and frame are regarded as very impartial, neutral and objective. So during the election campaign period, Korean media depicted Trump as maniac, psychopath and immoral trash. They literally demonized Trump as the “mainstream media” in the US did.

It worked quite well for a while, but as Trump was elected many Koreans got to have doubt on this reckless bombards from our media. ‘If he is so bad human being, how the hell he was able to make it? There must be economic/social/cultural issues that were usually ignored(maybe purposely) by media.’ This was the most common skepticism that we had witnessing the entire campaigns and coverage on them. (+ Our media were very shocked about the result of the election, and they started to analyze how this was possible. They explained something like ‘the fury and frustration of workers in the Rust Belt felt toward Democratic party’ blah blah blah, but they never quit the habit of demonizing Trump for some months.) Also, our ex-president 박근혜(Park Geun-Hye) was impeached for various felonies she committed, including engagement on state-run media. Those who gave up the role of watchdog against power now declared that they reflect on their past and will fully function as neutral, impartial, truth-seeking media. But these turn out to be lies nowadays. Although some media have functioned quite well like they declared, many of them are just fucks. People are realizing that media are intrinsically just business seeking its own money and interest, and they will do whatever to achieve that even if it’s political maneuvering or fact distortion. Reporter, which had been respected vocation through the period of strife for democratization in this country, is now despised. The fact that many people call 기자(reporter) 기레기( 기자/reporter + 쓰레기/trash) clearly shows this.

Second, Koreans now evaluate the president of our most confidential ally, the United States of America, by actual policies he/she impose and affect on real world, rather than virtual reputation/image which are so vulnerable to being manipulated and plotted by few purposed individuals. You guys may have been once heard of praises and appreciations from our president Moon on Mr. Trump’s maximum pressure policies for the situation now happening in this peninsula. That is not just his own thought but typical and common thought the folks contemporarily have.

Trump is called 트력제[트 of 트럼프(=Trump) + 력제 of 만력제(=萬曆帝, the emperor of Chinese medieval Ming dynasty] on the internet, and this is even a huge meme. There was an invasion of hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops against our country in 1592, which almost destroyed 조선(Joseon) dynasty, the preceding dynasty right before the Republic of Korea. Then, the Chinese emperor 만력제, who had refused to work and abandoned his sacred and important role of emperor for almost 20 years, miraculously started to come back to his office and ordered to send many regiments to Korea. He even payed his own treasures to purchase foods/supplies for the soldiers. With this aid and heroic victories made by most respected Korean general 이순신(Yi Sun-Sin), Korea successfully expelled Japanese samurais from entire peninsula.

After the war, a shrine worshipping the emperor 만력제 as god was established, and kings and nobles visited there once a year for about next 300 years. I heard that some enthusiastic supporters of Trump call him ‘God Emperor’. This can sound hilarious to some people but for Koreans this is right.

Many politicians including former ministers(secretary in American English?) and current lawmakers(congressmen) of the ruling party is now calling for ‘Mr. Trump for Nobel Peace Prize’. This was a joke in the beginning, but now it is getting consensus among folks and, I guarantee that this will lead to a organized movement in months if things are well solved. Also, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is now regarded as total bullshit. He made no empirical actions on peace/human rights but he was awarded. We now doubt that this entire thing was just a theater act designed by certain political powers. Plus he almost abandoned dealing with North Korean issues and justified/decorated this attitude with a non-sense word, “Strategic Endurance.” He was once popular, respected and loved by Korean people but now he is viewed as a total hypocrite who is genius in image making and theater acting. Here are some proofs on the internet.

He then lists various internet forums in Korea where there has been loads of praise for President Donald Trump and attacking President Barack Obama as fake and ineffective.

It could not possibly be because he was bowing and crying to every Asian leader he could find could it?

Obama bows to the japanese emperor

These two websites are ranked in top 5 among Korean web communities, and I just randomly picked those threads with 오바마(Obama) keyword in one minute. They all criticize Obama and show their thanks to Mr. Trump.

Someone even claim that if Hillary got the presidency, American troops may withdraw and the whole peninsula would be communized, but I’ll not introduce this opinion because this can be controversial. (If you are interested, read a lecture script revealed by WikiLeaks that Hillary mentioned she wants to keep these nuclear and unification issues remained and unchanged, for national interests of the US. Personally I feel deep anger when I first saw this, because I’m Korean. This wordings are very similar to those Globalists like Henry Kissinger use to bark.)

Anyway, Koreans are so much grateful for the actions Trump made, but it is sad that no western media cover on this phenomenon. I hope one day he get praise and respect he surely deserves on his diplomatic achievements in the States. He saved entire planet and humanity from the verge of terrible nuclear war.

The God Emperor does not bow to any foreign leader.

Trump does not bow to the japanese emperor

As to the media, as he pointed out earlier in his post, the trash journalists in western trash journalism are trash. Knowing this, Americans and Koreans should not be surprised when nearly all they see from established media outlets is garbage.


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