Will A Fox and Friends Host Be The Next Secretary of Veterans Affairs?

President Donald J. Trump and Pete Hegseth

As every American who turns on the local news in the morning knows, President Trump is making some major changes to his Cabinet and Administrative Staff.

According to, one of those who might be involved is the current Secretary of Veteran Affairs, David Shulkin.

…Shulkin, the Veterans Affairs secretary, was the subject of a blistering inspector general report that found he misspent taxpayer money on lavish travel for himself and his wife. Shulkin has also been clashing with Trump’s political appointees, and many close to the White House believe it’s only a matter of time before he’s gone.

“The president has a large number of individuals that are working hard to make sure that the V.A. is helping veterans as at the best level possible,” Sanders said Thursday. “We continue to review if there is anything we can do to improve on this…I don’t have any personnel announcements but we’re looking for how to better the system every day. Whether it is through policy or personnel changes, not just at the top but across the board, we made a number of changes within the personnel and we’re making sure we’re looking at how to best serve our nation’s veterans.”

What’s interesting about this is one of the candidates whom the President is considering for the job.

According to,

Veterans advocate and Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth met with GOP President-elect Donald Trump Tuesday morning for the position of secretary of veterans affairs, a source familiar with the nature of the meeting told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The transcript of the Trump transition team call both Monday and Tuesday noted that Hegseth was set to meet with Trump Tuesday, though Sean Spicer, communications director for the Republican National Committee, did not provide any details on the meeting. Spicer did, however, flub Hegseth’s title.

In the call, Spicer referred to Hegseth as the current CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, a policy organization focused on veterans issues. Hegseth resigned from that post in January after serving in that role since July, 2012.

After the meeting, Hegseth could be seen in an Associated Press photo exiting Trump Tower in Manhattan with a copy of Concerned Veterans for America’s Fixing Veterans Health Care Task Force policy proposal for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reform in hand.

Hegseth, himself an Army veteran, backed Trump during his campaign and openly criticized the Obama administration over its treatment of veterans.

As part of the Army National Guard, Hegseth deployed to Guantanamo Bay and to Iraq, where he served in the 101st Airborne Division, and then once to Afghanistan as a counterinsurgency trainer.

“He’s remained very vocal on veterans’ issues and has continued to be a big ally in the fight to reform the VA,” Dan Caldwell, vice president of policy and communications at Concerned Veterans for America, told The DCNF.

“While he was at CVA, he helped grow the organization into what it is now and played a key role in developing our comprehensive VA reform proposal and also helped develop some of the legislation we supported to make it easier to fire bad VA employees,” Caldwell added.

By the way, Pete Hegseth achieved the rank of Major during his service to our country, a title by which Geraldo Rivera addresses him when he is hosting a segment of Fox and Friends which Geraldo is appearing in.

So, what is that proposal that Pete, as he is known to all who watch Fox News as, helped develop?

Its entitled the “Caring for Our Heroes in the 21st Century Act.” And, according to the CVA Website, the proposal consists of the following…


The legislation does several things. First, it separates the VA’s payer and provider functions to ensure that veterans can receive timely care of their choosing. The payer function will be administered by a new office within the VA, and the brick-and-mortar medical centers and clinics will be managed by a government-chartered nonprofit corporation. Veterans will be able to use the same clinics, see the same doctors, with the only difference being how those clinics and doctors are managed.


The proposal would also offer a premium support model for veterans who wish to receive their care from a non-VA provider. This support will be fiscally responsible and offer every veteran a true choice. Enrolled veterans over the age of 65, and those who qualify for Medicare due to disability, would gain the option of using their VA funds to defray the costs of Medicare premiums and supplemental coverage.


The legislation also establishes a board of directors to oversee operations of the nonprofit government corporation managing delivery of care and advise the VA on further reforms, and also an advisory commission, a nonpartisan legislative agency, to implement the legislation. Congress would also maintain oversight and funding roles.


Ultimately, this reform would be a solution for the issues listed above. It would offer veterans real choice, enable better access and timely delivery of care, and give VA employees an incentive to pursue accountability. The only question is whether Congress will side with veterans, or whether it will allow special interests and entrenched bureaucrats to determine how we as a nation treat our heroes in this century.

The responsibility for everything that happens to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces, in which some part of our federal government is involved, both during and after their service, falls on the shoulders of the President of the United States of America and whomever he chooses to be his Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

There is not a more important position in the President’s Cabinet than this one, as we saw throughout the tenure of the previous occupier of the Oval Office.

Barack Hussein Obama was more intent on granting amnesty to illegal aliens and bringing Syrian Muslims to our shores than looking after those who had risked their very lives under his command, only to come home to a Veterans Administration, in which the hospitals were ill-managed and in which much-needed assistance, both medical and social, was very hard to come by.

This mistreatment of our Brightest and Best, whom Obama viewed as subjects for Social Experimentation, happened throughout the long, arduous 8 years of what was a nightmare of a Presidency.

The Great Communicator, President Ronald Reagan, used to famously quip that the nine words that you never want to hear were

I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.

With all the love and respect that our Present Commander-in-Chief has shown our Armed Forces, I am certain, as he stated, that he wants the best treatment available for our Veterans.

I believe that the proposal from the Concerned Veterans For America makes a while lot of sense.

And, I think that Major Pete Hegseth would not only make an excellent Secretary of Veteran Affairs, but he would be just the man to make sure that our Brightest and Best receive the outstanding care and treatment which they so richly deserve for their willingness to serve our country.

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