Why Does Facebook Suddenly Seem to Be in Trouble?

Despite Facebook being run by leftists friendly to them, the Democrats seem to be intent on destroying it. The media has fallen on Facebook and begun tearing it to pieces in a remarkably savage way usually reserved for Trump and Trump employees/supporters:

The latest revelations about Facebook’s conduct during the 2016 presidential campaign are angering a crucial group of the social media giant’s onetime allies — the Democrats who hope to regain control of Capitol Hill in November.

Democratic ire at the company has grown in the wake of President Donald Trump’s victory, amid a steady drip of disclosures about the way Russian operatives had exploited Facebook’s platform to aim politically themed ads, posts and so-called fake news at U.S. voters. But the acrimony is reaching new heights following this weekend’s news reports revealing that Facebook had allowed the Trump campaign’s data consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, to obtain information on more than 50 million Americans.

All that suggests that Congress could be poised to crack down on Facebook if Democrats achieve the giant “blue wave” victory they’re hoping for in the midterm elections, and with it the gavels of key committees. The changing Democratic attitudes could augur a long-term shift in the social network’s political prospects in Washington.

Consumer and privacy groups have pleaded for years for checks on massive data-collecting companies like Google, largely in vain. But Facebook is clearly in the Democrats’ sights now.

“The entire platform has gotten away from them, and they mishandle every problem that comes their way,” Philippe Reines, a longtime adviser to Hillary Clinton, told POLITICO on Monday. Reines and others with the Clinton campaign said anger and confusion over Facebook’s role in the election is widespread among Democratic campaign veterans, all the way up to the former nominee herself.

The left started attacking Facebook in September of last year over the “Russian ads” nontroversy. Ever since the election of Trump, the far left has attempted to blame the defeat of their candidate Hillary Clinton on “fake news” and “Russian bots” supposedly using social media to trick people into somehow voting for Trump. Facebook has been focused on as a source of Russian propaganda and fake news.

Zero credible evidence has been produced that “Russian ads” on Facebook actually influenced the election. Furthermore, Facebook’s VP Rod Goldman recently stated the majority of Russian ad spending happened AFTER the election, but that hasn’t stopped loony Democrats and #NeverTrumpers from making hysterical claims that a small number of Russian ads somehow changed the outcome of the election.

Now the platform is under attack for supposedly sharing data with a firm that consulted for the Trump campaign, as noted above.

Facebook is, at least on its face, friendly to the far left. The company joined hands with Democrats in the wake of the 2016 election to partner with the Democrats to battle “fake news,” primarily by smearing and harassing conservatives and conservative publications on the platform. Why would the far left turn on an ostensible ally like this?

In my opinion, the reason the left is after Facebook is because they are using Facebook as an example to the rest of the tech sector (particularly Google, Apple, and Twitter) as to what will happen if they don’t learn to act as completely loyal party organs for the Democrats. Despite Facebook’s ostensible friendliness toward the Democrats, I don’t believe they have been as cooperative as it initially appears.

The far left has been seeking for some time to enforce censorship of conservative views on the internet, particularly on social media sites. Many of these efforts, in my opinion, really began during Gamergate, which served as a laboratory and testing ground for the kinds of tactics being deployed today.

Social justice warriors first began to be noticed by conservatives and the general public when they campaigned to get conservative and politically moderate video gamers banned from social media, and largely succeeded in doing so. No one on the “conservative” side of Gamergate is able to post on video game news sites, Twitter, most of Reddit, and even 4chan without being immediately banned, and the video game news media is now radicalized, constantly injecting liberal politics into nearly all commentary about video games.

Ever since Gamergate, the far left has been getting more and more aggressive in efforts to censor conservatives on social media. Twitter routinely began making a practice of harassing banning conservative Twitter accounts and preventing any pro-conservative hashtags from trending.

After the election, the push for censorship of conservatives on social media became even more aggressive, under the guise of banning fake news. As the Daily Caller article I linked above notes, almost all “fact checks” and “fake news” takedowns are focused solely on conservatives.

I believe the Democrats’ desire is for a mass purge of ALL conservative social media accounts outright, with the tech companies acting as DNC handmaidens. As I wrote in late 2016, I think that the use of social media, and organizing on the internet was critical to Trump’s victory. The Democrats understand this, and rather than learning to compete themselves, they simply want social media companies and tech companies to find ways to ban all conservatives from the internet.

This isn’t just happening in the US, but also in Europe. The Germans, for example, have been very clear that they want Facebook to remove all “hate speech,” which is code for “conservative speech.”

This has not happened, because the tech companies understand about half the country is politically conservative and a massive, outright purge would prevent them from harvesting a lot of user data and ad clicks, which Google and Facebook particularly rely on. Twitter is by far the most extreme left of the social media platforms, but even they have failed to ban Trump’s twitter account despite months of begging and pleading from the far left.

The problem for the tech companies is the Democrats really could care less about whether these companies make money.

Of the tech companies, Facebook has been the least friendly to the Democrats despite Facebook’s much ballyhooed “anti-fake news” campaign. In 2016, Zuckerberg made explicit overtures to Republicans in an effort to convince them Facebook was not out to get them. In 2017, Facebook made a donation to CPAC.

Facebook’s “anti-fake news” campaign also failed, likely by design. In early 2018, Facebook began trying to get out of politics by refocusing the site on its original mission of sharing photos and funny cat pictures. This was not in line with what Democrats wanted, which was a much harsher crackdown on “fake news.”

I believe this is what has caused the most recent hysteria about Facebook in the media. It seems to me that Facebook is being punished as an object lesson to the rest of the tech sector about what happens if you don’t act as an unofficial state organ and suppress political dissent. This is not the first time our leftist-infested governing class has used supposedly private groups and companies to get around the first amendment.

This is not to say Facebook is some great friend of conservatives. Facebook’s staff are very pro-Hillary, and donated enormous sums of money to Clinton. What Facebook was doing is what any sensible business does, and trying to make money, which would be hard to do if they banned the half of the country that votes Republican. Facebook as an organization is simply less rabid than most other Democrats.

There are two paths forward for Facebook at this point. The first is that Zuckerberg exits the company and disappears into relative obscurity, with whoever replaces him at Facebook enacting a much harsher crackdown on conservative users. My guess is this theoretical replacement will be Cheryl Sandberg.

The other possibility is that the Democrats will simply burn Facebook down outright and use it as an object lesson as to what happens when companies don’t obey the whims of the elites.

While conservatives may take short term glee at the fall from grace of Zuckerberg, I am concerned this witch hunt will ultimately lead to an even more aggressive crackdown on the conservative internet than we have already seen.


Written by Doomberg

I am Doomberg, one of the original founding members of Sparta Report, and have been here since the beginning. I am an insatiable news junkie and enjoy reading and writing about the US territories, the Caribbean, video games, smartphones, and of course conservative politics in general.

I also really like pictures of gas stations and claim full responsibility for the silly gas station motif. I'm presently trapped behind enemy lines in a blue state with no hope of escape! The ride never ends.


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