Schools Encouraging Student Participation in National Walkout Day

Yesterday, I told you about the National Walkout Day being sponsored by the Women’s March Movement which has been scheduled for March 14, 2018.

After sharing my post, I started hearing from readers who told me that their children were being made to bring permission forms home by their schools’ administrators, so that they could participate in the Walkout. Others said that the school teachers and administrators were encouraging the children to be involved in the Walkout!

Here is one such comment…

“My daughter is in a student leadership class in my home town. Some of her classmates were approached by the school principle a couple of weeks ago and they inquired what the class would be doing to lead the school out of the class on March 14. They responded they had no idea what the principal was talking about…

The principal approached them again, in class, the following Monday (2/26), and TOLD them to plan a walk-out for 3/14, to walk out of class and to lead everyone to areas within the school to sit down and quietly PROTEST THE NATIONS GUN LAWS and memorialize the people killed during the Parkland, FL shooting.

I contacted the school superintendent. He denied my daughters version of events happened, and stated their real concern was for students safety… and that they wanted to ensure that what was going to happen, happened in as safe a manner as possible, that the students were GOING to protest, and that it wasn’t the schools idea but that it was the students right to protest and that the school couldn’t stop them. Funny, my daughter says they were aware of the idea of the walkout, but hadn’t bothered to work to organize anything until they were pushed to do so by their school.

Friends of mine in other states have shared with me stories of their own, and even emails they received from their school districts. “In response to the recent tragic events in Florida, some students may consider participating in an upcoming ‘Walk-Out’ to bring awareness to the issue of gun violence in schools… We are encouraging a ‘Sit-In’ approach,” said one email from Virginia…

Then there’s this, which my child’s superintendent emailed me with, “Several legal firms that deal with schools have sent out legal opinions about the walk out. It’s a First Amendment right and we can’t stop them.” This is total bullshit, of course. One of the core responsibilities of a school is to guard against truancy… and WHAT legal firms contacted them, exactly?

…That the organizers of the national movement wanted this to include elementary school students is sickening. These demons are turning our children into political props in an effort to turn them into a generation willing to sacrifice their basic right to self-defense and shrug off the notion that private firearm ownership is a civil right. God Damn them.”

Being curious about these shocking revelations, I went back to the Women’s March Website, where I was directed for more information about the Walkout to a website for a non-profit organization named Peace First.

According to their website,

Peace First is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people around the world to become powerful peacemakers by:

Investing in their ideas
Providing them with tools and skills
Connecting them with other awesome young people around the world
Sharing their stories and impact with the world

Violence is pervasive in our culture and impacts our young people every day, from guns on the streets to bullies in schools, intolerance, and our inability to connect with, respect, and be kind to each other. These experiences have a devastating effect on young people’s healthy development, and contributes to a cycle that is at the root of so many other problems in our world.

Thankfully, over twenty years of experience working with young people has taught us that they can be powerful problem-solvers if they are called and prepared to do so. By teaching young people the skills of courage, compassion, and collaborative leadership, we can unleash their moral imagination. By investing in those ideas, we can help them address some of the most challenging issues in their communities.

Now is the time to unleash this untapped resource by teaching young people the skills they need to solve the problems that matter most to them, investing in the ideas that will help change our world for the better, and celebrating the stories of youth peacemaking happening around the world.

Looking at their website’s biographical page sent chills up this Christian American Conservative’s spine.

They are literally all Ivy League Graduates…Liberal Globalists dedicated to shaping and molding young skulls of mush into young Globalists brainwashed in “the right way” of thinking about the world.

On their page devoted to the March 14th Walkout, they frame the event as if the students were the organizers.

However, as I reported yesterday, they clearly are not.

As I wrote yesterday, the Father of Modern Communism Vladimir Lenin, said

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

The people behind Peace First have been sowing their seeds for over 20 years.

Is the civil unrest and anti-American political ideology that we are having to deal with now, the result of seeds being planted by non-profit organizations like America First and the National Education Association, who really came into their own as a Liberal Political Force during the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama?

Teach your children well…

…and, don’t sign any permission slips that they bring home without reading them first.

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