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BREAKING: Anti-Corruption/EU/Migrant Party 5 Star Movement Now DOMINATING Italian Elections; Anti Migrant Party LEGA Also Winning Big

Anti-migrant, Euroskepticism wins big in Italy

The 5-Star Movement is currently projected to win the election as the single largest party according to exit poll data from a RAI state TV station. The movement will need an absolute majority to form Italy’s next government and they will fall short of obtaining that according to the exit polls.

However, real data has been coming in and the 5-Star Movement is getting over 32% percent of the votes counted, which is the upper limit for the party according to state television exit polling. Luigi Di Maio, the leader of the party, was thanking jubilant supporters early Monday as the results came in.

With some of the vote now counted, the election is also showing a huge increase for the anti-migrant League led by Matteo Salvini as the single biggest party in Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing coalition. Salvini is now slated to become the leader in the center-right coalition as his right wing party is projected to become the largest party in the bloc, ahead of Berlusconi’s center-right Forza Italia.

The 5-Star Movement, although now the largest party, has officially vowed not to join any post-election coalitions. But Alessandro Di Battista welcomed other parties to come talk as long as they use 5-Star “methods” of “transparency” and “correctness” in political conduct.

The League officials are hinting that a break with the coalition may be coming, which would give a minority government under the 5-Star Movement with the League backing possible.

“First we will talk with our coalition allies, we know what to do,” said the League (LEGA) Vice Secretary Nord Giancarlo Giorgetti.

According to the exit polls, the anti-migrant, Euroskeptic vision for the country has prevailed at the polls with well over 50% of the projected vote going to parties supporting this view.

Could we be seeing a surprise League-5-Star Movement matchup?


Update – As of 2 AM EST 3/5, No Party in Italy Has a Majority Needed to Form a Government

Talks are now ongoing, but the 5-Star Movement heads are no longer saying that they are going to refuse coalition partnerships. We will not be surprised to see a League – 5-Star Movement coalition to form the government. That is the easiest path for the ascendant League and 5-Star Movement to gain power and one that would shock the Italian and European political establishment the most.

In other news, the left is having a really, really bad day in Italy:

Sparta Report on Twitter

Man, the left is *not* having a good day in Italy after #ItalyElection2018 #elezioni2018

UPDATE 1 PM EST 3/5: The Leaders of the Center Right Coalition Refuse to Partner With 5-Star Movement

There will be no “minestrone soup” coalition government with populist Five Star Movement, says far-right leader Matteo Salvini, whose center-right alliance grabbed the largest share of votes in Italy’s election.

The Democrats (P/D) have ruled out a coalition between any parties as of now and will seek to be part of the opposition to either the populist 5-Star Movement or the center-right alliance under Matteo Salvini’s League.

The Democrat party leader Matteo Renzi will be resigning from yet another leadership post and focusing on just being the senator from Firenze. His previous reform to essentially eliminate the Italian Senate blew up in his face when voters overwhelmingly voted against his resolution, forcing his resignation as Italy’s Prime Minister.


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