The Funding Deal Trump Reached with the Democrats is a Good Deal

As many of you probably know by now, Trump inked a deal with the Democrats yesterday to fund the government. What’s in the deal?

The deal would raise the spending caps by about $300 billion over two years. The limit on military spending would be increased by $80 billion in the current fiscal year and $85 billion in the next year, which begins Oct. 1. The limit on nondefense spending would increase by $63 billion this year and $68 billion next year.

From the increase in domestic spending, Mr. Schumer said the deal includes $20 billion for infrastructure, $6 billion for the opioid crisis and mental health, $5.8 billion for child care and $4 billion for veterans hospitals and clinics. It also includes almost $90 billion in disaster relief in response to last year’s hurricanes and wildfires.

The agreement includes an additional four-year extension of funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, on top of the six-year extension that Congress approved last month.

The deal also lifts the debt limit until March 2019, pushing any future confrontation over that issue until after the midterm elections. The Congressional Budget Office recently projected that the Treasury would probably run out of cash in the first half of March if the limit were not raised.

Schumer got rolled… AGAIN.

Let’s be clear, the Democrat strategy was and always has been to tie amnesty to continue funding the government. The Democrats believed that Republicans would quickly cave due to a reflexive fear of shutdown showdowns, plus they had the belief that Republicans would be pressured by things like the need to raise the debt ceiling or risk national default.

This strategy now lies in ruins. The Democrats imploded during the shutdown, trapped between people who want to take Trump’s compromise and fund the wall, and rabid SJWs who want immediate full amnesty and voting rights for all illegal aliens currently in the country, as well as permanent open borders.

Realizing the damage the shutdown was doing to the Democrats, Schumer gave up and voted to end it. Several days ago, I wrote an article analyzing what appeared to be a further cave-in that was signalled by Dick Durbin. It now appears that information from the Daily Wire was correct, as the Democrats have folded on DACA.

What did Schumer get for selling out his constituency on one of their most important core issues? He got a few billion thrown at Puerto Rico and a few more billion thrown into infrastructure. This is a fig leaf, a way for Schumer to say “Look guys, I got something!” when he in fact got peanuts.

If you doubt my thinking, note the hysterical rage from the left over the deal. These are not people who are acting like they think they are big winners.

DACA and funding the government is now decoupled. In order for DACA amnesty to pass, a separate, lone immigration bill will have to make its way through the House and the Senate and then be signed by Trump. How likely do you think amnesty is to make it through? How likely do you think Schumer is to agree to fund Trump’s wall?

The amnesty supporters have no leverage left and they know it. Amnesty could not pass when government funding was held hostage; how likely is it to pass now? The only two possible outcomes were the Democrats signing onto Trump’s deal, or no deal was reached and the “Dreamers” end up as deportees. It looks like we are going to be deporting DACA recipients shortly.

Isn’t it about time Trump’s doubters gave him a little credit? Many panicked over tax reform; many panicked over DACA; and many people are now complaining that “Well, he’s winning on DACA but it’s not good enough because Schumer got a fig leaf!” Cheer up folks; he’s defeated the Democrats and earned significant victories for us three times in a row now!


Written by Doomberg

I am Doomberg, one of the original founding members of Sparta Report, and have been here since the beginning. I am an insatiable news junkie and enjoy reading and writing about the US territories, the Caribbean, video games, smartphones, and of course conservative politics in general.

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