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St Louis School SUSPENDS All Students Walking Out For Gun Control

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More than 200 students who walked out of class are facing suspension now after their high school told them that they would be suspended if they left the school to protest for gun control.

Riverview Gardens High School in St. Louis administration officials told the students in advance that there would be consequences to them skipping class if they decided to leave the school to protest in favor of gun control legislation and against gun violence.

On Tuesday morning, the students left the high school around 10 AM to protest, carrying signs like “Teachers don’t need guns!” and other left wing messages. One sign said “Is your semi-automatic worth my life?”

Of course, the left wing hysterics and platitudes screamed out by the students completely ignored that the FBI and several other jurisdictions failed to follow all warning signs and to act in multiple cases to prevent the shooter from being able to prepare for his attack. Nor did they attack any of the Broward County Sheriffs who cowardly, perhaps even criminally, stood outside while kids were being slaughtered.

The leftist student leaders of the protest said they want “background checks for all gun sales, a ban on bump stocks, and other gun control measures.”

“There’s no reason a 19-year-old boy should’ve been able to purchase an AR-15,” said Kenidra Woods referring to Nikolas Cruz, the 19 year old suspect charged with killing 17 people in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Kenidra Woods is a 17-year-old junior who helped organize Tuesday’s protest.

Unfortunately for the students, when they made their return to the school to go back to class, the Riverview Gardens officials were waiting for them and announced to the students that they would not be allowed back onto campus to complete the rest of the school day after they left the campus. They also told the students that they would not be able to ride school buses home after their stunt. Students tried to reenter after the announcement and were blocked by the administrators from entering the school.

Most were told by administration officials as they were leaving that they would be suspended.

Students whined and complained about the consequences to their actions to gun control friendly press reporters. One girl who walked out told the St Louis Post-Dispatch that she should not have to get into trouble for walking out of class. “We should be able to have a peaceful protest without getting in trouble,” said Destiney Young. Destiney is a 14 year old freshman at Riverview Gardens.

“The district stands on allowing students to use their voices,” said Chaketa Riddle, assistant superintendent of schools, who was watching the students’ off-campus protest. However, the school administration seems to have disagreed with the timing of the walkout.

A left wing supporting gun grabber and parent of a student, Tracy Cross told the St Louis Post-Dispatch that she attended the protest with her daughter, a 17 year old junior at the high school.

She said she supports her daughter’s action and believes that “something needs to be done” about gun violence. After the walkout began, she told the newspaper she had received an automated voice message from a school official warning that students could face disciplinary action should they participate in the walkout.

Cross said her daughter should suffer any consequences for her actions and was against her being suspended. “I think it’s wrong, and they will hear from me,” Cross said.

In addition to seeking gun control measures, several Riverview Gardens students said they believe their own high school is not safe enough. They want the school perimeter to be secured with higher fences, and some said they’re willing to have metal detectors in their high school to keep them safe.

The school district also includes some of Ferguson, Missouri which was the site of weeks long rioting that drove many businesses to bankruptcy after a police officer fatally shot criminal Michael Brown. A recent investigation showed that the Ferguson Police Department had an outstanding arrest warrant for two thirds of the citizens of that suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.


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