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Michael Moore Colluded With Russia Against Trump!

The flames of the anti-Russia hysteria that have been fanned by the Left and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself) burned one of their own today. It turns out that the Left’s favorite, corpulent filmmaker Michael Moore participated in an anti-Trump rally organized by Russian agents:

Michael Moore, the polemical filmmaker who has long accused President Trump of colluding with Russians, posted videos and pictures of himself participating in a protest in Manhattan that was allegedly organized by Russians in November 2016.

Prosecutors said Friday that the Russians indicted for meddling in the presidential campaign were also behind anti-Trump rallies that occured after the election.

The government alleged in an indictment signed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that the defendants organized a Nov. 12 “Trump is NOT my President” rally in New York. Their “strategic goal” was to “sow discord in the U.S. political system,” the indictment said.

On Nov. 12, Moore tweeted: “At today’s Trump Tower protest. He wouldn’t come down.”

As of right now, Democrat representative Adam Schiff has not condemned Michael Moore. Schiff-for-brains has also not called for Moore’s arrest for treason for colluding with Russian agents. There’s no word on whether special prosecutor Robert Mueller will be indicting Moore for his collusion.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions had heard that there was a stoner living under an overpass near the Department of Justice, and could not be reached for comment.

Speaking of Russian collusion, are you ready for Russiagate 2.0?

The esteemed intelligence officers of the Deep State, with approval from the DNC no doubt, is busy setting up the narrative for the 2018 midterms. That narrative will be that the Democrats lost due to unchecked Russian interference. The Russians screwed Hillary out of her rightful place, and now they’re doing it to the Democrats as a whole. No sane person votes Republican. Only those who have been duped by shadowy Kremlin agents would cast a vote for one of Literally Orange Hitler’s minions.

After all, everyone knows that the American people desperately crave the benevolent oppression provided by the Democrat party.

Right, Hillary?

michael moore russia collusion hillary
She says yes.


Written by Radius

Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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