Carter Page Worked With the Clinton Transition Team in 1992, Was an FBI Mole in 2013, And Then Suddenly Became a Russian Agent in 2016?

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The more that comes out about the FBI wiretaps into the Trump Campaign, the more it looks like the Obama regime was just fabricating evidence and connections to obtain legal warrants to spy on a political enemy. The Trump-Russia Story is a hoax to cover up their Orwellian tactics against the Trump presidency.

Now, Carter Page’s relationship with the Clinton family has been discovered and it shows that he was involved with them from the very beginning of their turn at the national spotlight.

Carter Page was a part of Bill Clinton’s transition team in 1992 after the defeat of the sitting Republican President, George Herbert Walker Bush.

In 2008, as Bard Globalization and International Affairs President, Carter Page was going to be speaking to discuss Presidential transitions of power.

He highlighted his own history with transitions, listing his involvement with the Clinton Administration:

Carter Page previously worked with the Clinton Administration transition team in 1992-1993 while serving as a Research Fellow on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) on Capitol Hill.  During his Fellowship, HASC Chairman Les Aspin was selected by President Clinton as the Secretary of Defense in December 1992.  From May 1993 – December 1994, Carter went on to serve as the Arms Control Action Officer for Counterproliferation Policy in the Nuclear Affairs and International Negotiations Branch of the Navy Staff in the Pentagon.

He has also been discovered to have worked with the FBI for several years as an undercover FBI employee.

Ironically enough, the last case that involved him was a Russian spy case in 2013, where he played a role that was remarkably similar to his role that was created for him in the Christopher Steele dossier. The FBI used the politically motivated dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on candidate Donald Trump and his campaign.

The FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who are under massive scrutiny at this time, have also been caught exercising extraordinary restraint while investigating Hillary Clinton in 2016. In their now released secret text messages to each other, they stated that they should be taking it easy on her because ” she might be our next president!”

Did Carter Page, a former Clinton associate who was employed with the FBI in March of 2016, integrate himself into the Trump campaign to enable the FBI, DOJ, and other organizations to spy on Donald Trump and his staff?


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