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BREAKING: Second Source Comes Forward – Rosenstein Threatened to Retaliate Against Congress

Where there is smoke... Rosenstein on fire?

After yesterday’s bombshell announcement on Sean Hannity’s show that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened Congress with retaliatory subpoenas if they did not stop investigating him, it appears that a second source has come forward to confirm the story to Gregg Jarrett of Fox News.

Gregg Jarrett states on Twitter that a second source now confirms that, “in a meeting on January 10, Deputy A-G Rosenstein used the power of his office to threaten to subpoena the calls & texts of the Intel Committee to get it to stop it’s investigation of DOJ and FBI.” He added that it was likely an “Abuse of Power & Obstruction.”

Gregg Jarrett tweeted the specific crime that his sources have alleged to have taken place in the January meeting. He found it “is a crime for a government official to use his office to threaten anyone, including a member of Congress, for exercising a constitutionally protected right. See 18 USC 242 and other similar abuse of power statutes.”

If this is true, and the sources are correct, Rosenstein should no longer be allowed to serve as Deputy Attorney General due to his “illegal abuse of power,” states Gregg Jarret.

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