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BREAKING: Rod Rosenstein threatened House Intel Members Three Weeks Ago

Sarah Carter: Soon a new Special Counsel will be appointed to "investigate the investigators."

Sarah Carter says we’ve only seen ten percent of what is slated to come out in a series of bombshell announcements on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Show. She states that the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now going to be reversed as a result of this memorandum and other findings that will soon come to light.

Carter also claims that we will see a new Special Counsel appointed to “investigate the investigators.”

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett also announced a late breaking leak, the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein personally threatened House members on the Intelligence Committee with reprisals and retaliations for exercising their oversight duties.

“A congressional source tells me that Rod Rosenstein, in a meeting three weeks ago,” Jarrett states, “threatened Chairman Nunes and other House members that he was going to subpoena their texts and messages because he was tired of dealing with the intel committee.”

He added, “That’s threats and intimidation and retaliation.”

Recall that this is the same Gregg Jarrett that originally reported that Jeff Sessions “sandbagged” President Trump with his deliberate concealment of his intent to recuse himself from any Trump-Russia investigation.

Perhaps the former senator from Alabama was so desperate for the job, he did not care that his recusal might undermine the presidency of the man who nominated him to be the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. Or maybe Sessions was naïve in convincing himself that failing to disclose such a material matter was somehow inconsequential. It was not.

By his own admission during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in June, Sessions began setting his recusal in motion within hours after being sworn-in as attorney general on Feb. 9. On his first full day as AG, Sessions immediately met with Justice Department officials to discuss stepping aside from the investigation. A month later, on March 2, he made his recusal official.

Clearly, Sessions was considering disqualifying himself well before he took the oath of office. It was not something that simply dawned on him the moment he raised his right hand in the Oval Office ceremony. And there stood the president, expecting his new attorney general to serve the nation fully and honestly. In retrospect, it was a significant and deliberate deception by Sessions.

Here’s the video, from Fox News:

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