BREAKING – Jeff Sessions Today: [FISA Fraud] Rod Rosenstein represents ‘the kind of quality and leadership that we want in the department’

As we learn that Rod Rosenstein signed off on fraudulent FISA documents, Jeff Sessions wants to give him a medal

Jeff Sessions Rod Rosenstein Memo

Attorney General Jeff Sessions went out of his way today to hold up his lieutenant, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, for his quality leadership that he has brought to the Department of Justice. This is right as Rod Rosenstein has been revealed to have signed off on fraudulent documents used in the FISA courts to obtain wiretaps of Trump and his campaign.

He also congratulated Rachel Brand in his remarks.

Sessions broke from prepared remarks in a speech Friday on human trafficking. He praised Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (ROH’-zen-styn) as well as the department’s No. 3 official, Rachel Brand.

Sessions says both are experienced lawyers and “represent the kind of quality and leadership that we want in the department.”

That’s a departure from President Donald Trump, who was asked Friday whether he has confidence in Rosenstein. Trump said, “You figure that one out.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders statement today illustrates the White House concerns over the illegal activities of the Department of Justice and FBI: “The memorandum raises serious concerns about the integrity of decisions made at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI to use the Government’s most intrusive surveillance tools against American citizens.”

There are only three possibilities as to the reason why Attorney General Jeff Sessions is acting this way:

  1. He is compromised and being forced to act against his will.
  2. He is dangerously or willfully ignorant.
  3. He is working with the Deep State willingly to take down the President.

There is much evidence for the third answer as his long time communications director while Sessions was Senator, and now his liason to Congress from the DOJ, last week was attacking the President and House Republicans’ inclinations to release the memo as “extraordinarily reckless.”

This also explains why Jeff Sessions was colluding with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, allowing the corrupt Special Counsel to remove any and all text messages from the archives that were sent to Congressional overseers.

The President was clearly not happy, in a press conference today, he stated that the memo speaks for itself as to whether he was happy with Rod Rosenstein.

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JUST IN: DOJ’s Stephen Boyd has sent a letter to @DevinNunes saying release of *the memo* without review by DOJ/FBI would be “extraordinarily reckless.” Says the memo purports to be based on “classified source materials that neither you nor most of” the committee “have seen.


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