A Venal Coronation – Mitt Romney Is Not The Senator That Utah Needs

Once upon a time, September 23, 2017 to be exact, one self-absorbed Senator by the name of John Mccain again bucked his country as he voted to keep the evil law better known as “Obamacare” into law. It wasn’t the first time that the “maverick” reveled in his role at snubbing his nose at the country at large and it wouldn’t be the last, especially as we learned details about him playing a role in pushing the Clinton-funded Russian Dossier hoax.  Patriots across the nation could only gnash their teeth at the Senator, bashing Arizonians for keeping the old fossil in power despite him rarely doing his job as being a representative of his home state.

Senators like Lindsey Graham are a similar story. While he lacks the illustrious media title of being a “maverick”, Graham rushes to be a “bi-partisan” at every opportunity, which ends up playing for the other team. From being such a strong shill for globalism and amnesty that he once had the gall to tell Americans that “your country belongs to the world” (ergo, ignore your laws, borders, common sense, security, thousands of years of history and let everyone in who wants to come); to joining with John McCain & Hillary Clinton in pushing the Russia Collusion hoax onto the public; to being a strong supporter of Secretary Hillary Clinton so that he could keep spending money on overseas military ventures, he’s no friend to Constitutional patriots either.

These Senators have other globalist, Me-First, Donors-Second, Constituents-only-matter-in-election-year “RINO” friends such as Flake, Porter, Murkowski and Collins. And now the Vichy Club is looking forward to adding another fellow traveler to their ranks: twice failed Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney(link is to his announcement, where he also took subtle swipes at the Trump agenda). If there is any additional doubt that Romney is seeking to become one of them then here’s exhibit A of the Washington Post propping him up as a McCain replacement; for exhibit B, Romney’s hometown paper the Boston Globe also mused that Romney would bring aid and comfort to the McCain-Graham cabal.

As we have seen with the difficulty in getting the America First agenda through Congress, we need more Senators on-board with the principals of a strong border & immigration reform that citizens want, reformed trade, and removing the tentacles of government from our every day lives. People like McCain, Graham and Romney have put their efforts into fighting those ideas so they can be the nice losers who get puff pieces written about them in elite publications.


Before we get into the weeds as to why Mitt Romney should not be the next Senator from Utah, let me make a quick tangent to put the spotlight on someone who would make an awesome replacement for Orrin Hatch – Dr. Mike Kennedy. A resident of Utah and currently serving in the Utah State Legislature, Kennedy supports President Trump and the MAGA agenda, from cutting back on spending drastically to building a wall to protect our borders. For a quick resumé of who he is (and also a BRUTAL takedown of Mitt Romney’s love of socialism)

On the National Debt:

On President Trump, Kennedy has been nothing but supportive, praising him on action after action.

But Mitt the “Nice Man” can’t seem to be bothered to find anything good to say about what the President has done so far since he’s tied his ego to being The Anti-Trump. Romney has also been raking in the bank from blue states like California, New York and Mass.

Visit Dr. Kennedy’s Website here

Back To Romney

Mitt launched with polished, voter ego-fluffing lines about how Utahns have a can-do pioneering spirit (that’s a prime example of a focus group tested line if I ever saw one) and showing that he read some reports about what Utah was like, committing various data points to memory.

He’s managed to say “we” & “our” when talking about the State but there’s a glaring problem – he’s a true-blue carpetbagger. Apart from owning a vacation home here and occasionally dropping by to talk to a Chamber Of Commerce group, he’s not an actual resident of the state. He was born & raised in Michigan and has called his primary residence Massachusetts, where he served one-term as governor and failed in a Senate run there. Even yesterday he was spending time in ritzy Jackson Hole, WY instead of living it up in Park City. But, where he is a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (commonly known as Mormons), he’s famous, rich and saved the Salt Lake Olympics from disaster that one time, that apparently equals lifelong adoption as a Utahn in culture and in politics.

Romney may identify as a “severely conservative” Republican but the only positions he seems to be able to stick to are severely liberal ones, such as climate change. Romney lost two chances at becoming President because voters saw him for what he was – a self-serving big government liberal. As he tries to launch his Senate bid to be the “outsider”, he has years of action & statements of being the archetype for a “swamp creature”. His principles, if you want to call them that, are always dependent upon the crowd he’s trying to hoodwink for their votes:

Problem is, Utah is one of the strongest Republican states in the Union. Utah has voted for a Republican president for the past 54 years. Democrats are not unheard of in the state, especially with a big increase in Californian transplants over the past decade, but they are generally outnumbered by Republicans. We’re even the home state for the Constitution Party, one of the more right-wing 3rd party non-entities out there. While the state is not uniformly made up of Mormons, followers of the religion still make up a majority here and Mormons approve of President Trump in stronger numbers than any other religion (why is that? This post explains it in detail)

Mitt Romney was a “fierce” defender of a “woman’s right to choose” until he had to run as a Republican on the national stage.

Mitt Romney believes in “man-made climate change” and supports big government strong arm tactics that would hobble our economy while allowing countries like China to burn as much coal as they like.

Romney WAS the grandfather of Obamacare and still holds to the the Left’s “need” for Universal Coverage.

Who knows what on Earth he really believes about immigration since he flips on it so often but during the Utah debate a short time ago, he couldn’t bring himself to use the word “wall” – just the flimsy, wuss definition “barrier” while stumbling over the word. (He’s with the US Chamber of Commerce so let’s get real – he wants Stupid Trade and open borders like any other good Democrat)

Mitt Romney is NOT a defender of the 2nd Amendment. Even in the debate between him and Mike Kennedy, he was in favor of supporting the Fed. Government restricting access to firearms.

I serious find it difficult to see where exactly Romney is a conservative but he’s certainly a Republican in the same sense that John McCain, Ben Sasse, Bob Corker, John Kasich and Jeff Flake are “Republicans”. Sad.

For Mitt Romney’s part, he was one of the first self-proclaimed, insufferable Never Trumpers that the world had the headache of seeing when he gave this embarrassing & shameful pearl-clutching speech in a limp-wristed bid to stop Donald Trump from becoming President. Romney has continued to take subtle, cowardly swipes at the President from his Twitter feed since, only toning back as he’s at least smart enough to know that most of his fellow religious companions fundamentally disagree with this silly diatribe:

Who can also forget the time last year where Romney gave moral credence to the terror group Antifa, painting them as “against racism and bigotry”?

I implore my fellow Utahns – do not turn us into the next political laughingstock by putting this guy into power. If we do, we’ll regret it. Especially when we had the chance to put someone into the Senate like Meyers who would do every Utahn proud.

Let’s leave it with this meme of recent memory, where Romney took it upon himself to join the pile-on against Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. Once again, the failed Presidential candidate stuck his foot in his mouth, showing a corrupted understanding of the ancient concept of Presumption Of Innocence while trying to grandstand over ultimately unproven accusations towards the judge, stating: “Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections.”


Utah – let’s not put another John “I backstab as often as I feel like it” McCain into the Senate. Let Romney retire to his luxury while the country gets to move forward in making itself Great Again.

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