[LIVE] Mitch McConnell Reconvenes the Senate to Try to Break the Democrat 2018 Shutdown

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Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is about to reconvene the Senate and will proceed to vote on bills to end the Democrat shutdown of 2018.

It is expected that if the vote on the three week extension fails today that Mitch McConnell will seek to reauthorize individual sections of the government for funding.

This will end up being quite a show if that comes to pass. The Senate Democrats will either have to vote down extremely popular funding bills for the military, children’s healthcare, etc. or break ranks and end the shutdown.

The Senate has just said the pledge of allegiance, now they are taking a quorum.

This will be updated as the day goes on.

Mitch McConnell’s opening remarks:

“Well here we are, day one of the Senate Democrats government shutdown.”

The Senate is still taking a quorum, waiting for everyone to arrive.

Chuck Schumer is speaking now. He is attacking the continuing resolution where he is now adding other requirements for funding the government like funding disaster relief.

He is exclaiming that President Trump has radicalized Republicans and is leading the charge in bullying the Democrats. Negotiating with Trump is like negotiating with jello.

Yes, Charles Schumer is saying Mitch McConnell is bullying him and Trump is jello.

This sums up the Schumer speech:


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Patrick Leahy’s Content Free Speech

Patrick Leahy is now speaking, after Dick Durbin launched a completely insane diatribe about Senate comity (memory holed the entire Reid tenure).

He was whining earlier about him believing that President Trump and the Democrats had a deal. He stated “I remember when Presidents kept their word!”

President Donald Trump has been quite clear that any DACA compromise would have to include funding for a wall, remove the visa lottery, ending chain migration, and increasing border security.

Patrick Leahy is now stating that the foreign citizens here illegally are “Our Dreamers.” He’s throwing out buzzwords, the speech is almost content free.


GOP Senator Jeff Flake, One of those Responsible for the Schumer Shutdown Speaks

Jeff Flake spoke, blaming both sides for using buzzwords and complaining about the posters and the hashtags. Jeff Flake is extremely disingenuous, as he voted to shutdown the government over illegal aliens.

Jeff Flake, in his opening statement, attacked the legal definition of foreign nationals in the United States – illegal aliens.

He exclaimed that we could not tell the illegal aliens who were brought here as children that they are in fact, illegal aliens. Jeff Flake’s opening statement to the Senate:

“I just want to encourage my colleagues to not use loaded phrases as well here. I’ve heard the term that we can’t deal or we shouldn’t deal with the illegal alien situation right now.

Who can honestly look at a child who was brought across the border, the average age when these DACA kids were brought across the border was the age of six… some of them were toddlers, some of them were carried by their parents.

Who in the world can look at them and refer to them as illegal aliens?! You can have a different description for their parents or others who brought them across, but to put that kind of a label on a child is wrong. And with that kind of loaded language, it makes it more difficult to come to a solution.”


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