Joe Kennedy BOMBS Rebuttal in a Weird, Nervous Speech

What Was Wrong With Joe Kennedy’s Lips?

Joe Kennedy State of the Union Rebuttal 1-30-18

The Joe Kennedy rebuttal was absolutely terrible. At no point during the hurried, nervous speech was there a point that would appeal to the average American. The man’s voice was shrill beyond what would be considered a normal speaking voice, anyone watching could tell that nerves were clearly an issue tonight.

His tone of voice varied from being overly excited and shrill to almost being too soft to hear at normal volume levels. He would make a point that was designed, apparently, to tug at the heart strings of the viewer/listener, but he started speaking so softly the listener had to spend more time straining to hear what he was saying than comprehending the message.

This was a speech completely dedicated to the extreme left base of the Democrat party, who have appeared to have all but taken over the party at large.

Joe Kennedy touched on many issues, trying to appeal to the voters of the world when he was not completely bending over backwards to appeal to the fringe base of the Democrats. He used phrases like supporting the highest American ideals means supporting the God “of your prayers,” which looks like it was carefully crafted to appeal to the minority religious adherents in the United States.

Transgender, Social Justice, and #MeToo Oh My!

He also focused on one of the other hot issues with their fanbase, transgender issues. The Democrat made it sound like Republican death squads were roaming house to house within Democrat neighborhoods looking for “queers, impure individuals, faggots, and other abnormal degenerates!”

My eyes almost rolled out of my head they were rolling so hard.

#MeToo social justice movement got an honorable mention by Kennedy, who lest we forget, is the latest in a long dynasty of womanizers and rapists (at least what the SJWs would call rape in today’s world). Not to mention Ted Kennedy letting a young woman drown to death in a vehicle.

Democrats have tried to champion the #MeToo issue, yet they seem to be the biggest contributors to the rape culture that the movement is claiming to fight against. Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken were respected, influential Democrats… and Bill Clinton too.

DACA Pandering

Joe Kennedy also addressed DACA “dreamers” later in his speech. Doing something that absolutely no politician has ever done before (this was truly revolutionary!), the white, male, ginger trust fund baby spoke to the Mexicans in Spanish.

whoa hillary

The speech embodies exactly everything that Americans by and large do not want to see in their country. Foreign languages being encouraged to be spoken here, politicians pandering to noncitizens, encouraging non Christian beliefs, massive and unfettered immigration, promoting transgenderism and other forms of sexual deviancy as normal.

Joe Kennedy, if you can get past all the angst, nervousness, bad lighting, and poor personality of the speech, laid out the agenda for the 2018 elections. And it was sad, provincial, un-American, and completely tone deaf in how out of touch with American ideals it really was. The speech will likely go down in history rivaling the damage of the Bobby Jindal rebuttal and will likely kill Joe Kennedy’s future ambitions for the presidency.

Seriously, what the heck was around his lips!?


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.


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