Fake News Alert: Nothing Has Changed on DACA With Trump

The Associated Press breathlessly posted breaking news to their Twitter account shortly after 12 PM EST Tuesday. In the post, they stated that President Trump is open to a two stage process for immigration issues. Many individuals started thinking this was support for an amnesty first bill with enforcement later.

What actually happened was the Associated Press took the discussion of the meeting completely out of context. This is what they wrote:

Seeking a bipartisan compromise to avoid a government shutdown, President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that an immigration deal could be reached in two phases — first by addressing young immigrants and border security with what he called a “bill of love,” then by making comprehensive changes that have long eluded Congress.

Trump held a lengthy meeting with Republican and Democratic lawmakers seeking a solution for hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Trump last year ended the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shielded more than 700,000 people from deportation and gave then the right to work legally in the country. He gave Congress until March to find a fix.

The president, congressional Republicans and Democrats expressed optimism for a deal just 10 days before a government shutdown deadline. Trump expressed a willingness to be flexible in finding an agreement.

“I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with,” Trump said during a Cabinet Room meeting with a bipartisan group of 20 lawmakers. A group of journalists observed the meandering meeting for an extraordinary length of time — about 55 minutes — that involved Trump seeking input from Democrats and Republicans alike in a freewheeling exchange on the contentious issue.

Trump at one point suggested bringing back “earmarks,” or money for pet projects requested by lawmakers, as a way to bring the two parties together and avoid divisions.

What actually happened: President Donald Trump again insisted that if a DACA bill were to pass Congress that they must include a fix for chain migration, an ending of the lottery system, funding for a wall, and other border security measures.

President Trump also even suggested implementing a merit based immigration system in the first bill.

What was being discussed was a possible second bill to address the remaining issues facing the immigration system in America. He entertained the ideas from legislators from both parties, at one point the legislators brought up the oft repeated figure of the 11 million illegal aliens.

The House Leadership reiterated that they only support a DACA bill that contains the President’s preconditions. Chairman Bob Goodlatte laid out the bill that they are going to be likely bringing to the floor of the House:

  • Ends chain migration
  • Funds wall building
  • Ends the visa lottery
  • Addresses sanctuary cities
  • Implements Kate’s law
  • Addresses the DACA visa holders only

Earlier, Trump also stated that he would “take the heat” in regards to any comprehensive legislation that is brought up by the membership of Congress. Yet, people forget that he has, on many occasions, stated that he was in favor of comprehensive immigration reform in the form of the RAISE act.

UPDATE: Democrats appear to have caved on their demands to include the DACA bill in the budget

Mitch McConnell has confirmed that the budget bill will not include immigration legislation and that it will be a separate bill. Looks like the major threat of a shutdown has been averted due to the cave.

Frank Thorp V on Twitter

McConnell says any deal on #DACA will NOT be part of any spending deal to fund the govt by January 19

Democrats did not know what hit them today:


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