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Donald Trump Speaks to the 2018 March for Life

President Donald J. Trump made history on Friday as the first sitting president to speak to the annual March for Life.

Here are President Trump’s remarks in full:

Very few people outside of conservative media are talking about Trump’s support for the pro-life movement. Indeed, few people are talking about how he’s earned the respect of Evangelicals across the country due to positions such as his pro-life stance. Except, of course, to sneer at how gullible and stupid they are for falling for an orange con man’s games.

No, the Mainstream Media would rather focus on such fantasies as Russian collusion. Or whether or not Trump is clinically insane (even to the point of trashing a respected doctor). Or whether Trump is 6’2″ or 6’3″. Or a supposed affair with a porn star. This is all designed to prop up this caricature of Trump as an incompetent boob who was smart enough to collude with Russia in a grand conspiracy to rig the elections of the world’s only superpower.

That’s why the Democrats will lose in 2018. That’s why they will lose in 2020. And that’s why Donald Trump will keep on winning.

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