DEVELOPING – BIGGER THAN WATERGATE – Massive Corruption, Criminal Activity Alleged in FISA Classified Memo Before Congress, Wikileaks Offers $1 MILLION DOLLARS For Leak

What did Obama and Hillary know and when did they know it?

I do not have time to fully flesh this issue out in the time needed to put these breaking news developments up.

This issue has been a years-long saga in the Democrats attempts to deflect their own, the media’s, and the former Obama administration’s massive corruption and criminal activity, particularly related to the abuse of the FISA court.

Today, the House intelligence committee voted to publicize the memo to the entire House of Representatives. The senior staff of every house member now has the memo and the calls to release the memo have been deafening.

Other sitting house members have stated that they were “shocked” and horrified by what they saw in this memo.

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) stated on his Twitter page that he had read the memo. The tweet read “The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen,” he exclaimed, “I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was #neverTrump & #alwaysHillary.”

Wikileaks has now offered to match any donations up to one million dollars to anyone who sends them the verified memo for public release.

Twitter, unsurprisingly, has been suppressing the hashtag used by the public that is clamoring for the release of the FISA memo.

Release the Memo Twitter Suppression

Representative Matthew Gaetz asked on a panel with Sean Hannity, “What are the Democrats afraid of?” He also stated that of the evidence,


Rep. Gaetz, on Hannity, discusses the classified memo which reportedly reveals massive numbers of FISA court abuses which were the basis for the phony Trump/Russia investigation.

The Democrats are moving to block the release of the memo, likely for a few more hours so President Trump will sign the FISA 702 extension.

This hits every upper level member of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.


Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Connection to the FISA Court

This will also blow back on Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, who oversees and appoints all FISA court judges.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is supposed to be the Judicial overseer against FISA abuse.

He has refused to prevent it as evidenced by one of the FISA judges publicly raising this issue in late October 2016. There is NO WAY Roberts can say to the public or the authorities that he “did not know.”

Who has Read the Memo?

Byron York reports that at least 115 congressmen and women have now read the memo.

Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows are asking that releasing the memo be included in the talks over the continuing resolution.

Background on #ReleasetheMemo

PolAgnostic on Twitter

2. Every #ReleaseTheDocuments had to be turned over by TODAY. #SubpoenaTheWitnesses because the other part is ALL the witnesses Congress wanted to question since August are now required to testify. @instapundit @SharylAttkisson

PolAgnostic on Twitter

4. #ReleaseTheMemo & the GOPe Establishment is also going to be implicated. #FusionGPS & #FBICOUP group were working with the full knowledge of the #UniParty leaders in D.C. It won’t just be Dems resigning & running for cover. @instapundit @SharylAttkisson


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