FULL VIDEO: Cryin Chuck Schumer’s NYC Home Stormed By Rabid Leftists

Chuck Schumer’s chickens are coming home to roost. The Democrats’ rabid, screeching base didn’t appreciate being sold out in order to end an ill-advised government shutdown. Several hundred of them decided to storm Chuck Schumer’s New York home to demand that Schumer #Resist Trump by any means necessary.

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I’ve said that Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is going to shut down the government again in three weeks. This is the evidence to support that claim. The Democrat base has been whipped into a DACA-frenzy by the party leaders and the media. Leftists have assumed for months now that a clean DACA bill is all but assured. The DNC, the media, and Trump’s own words have led the Left to this conclusion.

When DACA was looking like it wouldn’t happen Schumer and company gradually ratcheted up the rhetoric to the point where they had to shut down the government. Unfortunately for the Democrats the shutdown came with two problems. First and foremost was the fact that a government shutdown was extremely unpopular with everyone except the Democrats’ rabid Leftist base. You know your position is a losing one when 56% of respondents in a poll conducted by freaking CNN say it’s a bad idea.

cryin chuck schumer cnn
And if it’s one thing CNN knows, it’s bad ideas…

The second problem was that Republicans for once marched in lockstep and were consistent in their messaging. Aside from a few quisling GOPe traitors (looking at you Grahamnesty) the message the Republicans put out was that they were trying to work with Democrats. They wanted DACA too, you see. No one wants to deport children back to the sh*thole that is Mexico.

Trump’s own statements supported this message. Time and again he stated that of course he wanted to work with the Democrats. Trump even told them he would sign whatever the Smartest People In The Room (TM) like Cryin’ Chuck Schumer came up with. All he asked was that they negotiated in good faith for a deal that everyone could live with.

Inevitably that didn’t happen. Negotiating in good faith for the Democrats means you agree to everything on their wish list and thank them for the privilege of doing so. Anything less makes you a racist bigoted homophobe who hypocritically downloads increasingly shameful Asian pornography on their office laptop late at night when everyone else has gone home.

cryin chuck schumer cnn
Why don’t you take a seat…

After that it was a simple matter to (correctly) frame the Democrats as the unreasonable party in this negotiation. Trump and the Republicans tried to come up with a solution for the DACA kids. Sadly Chuck Schumer refused to even consider the Republican position. Hence we ended up with the #SchumerShutdown, which of course led to the #SchumerSellout when Cryin’ Chuck was forced to cave.

Things have gone from bad to worse for the Democrats since the shutdown ended. Their advantage on the 2018 general ballot (which I never really believed) has slipped dangerously low. The shutdown obviously hurt the Democrats badly, yet Chuck Schumer has ratcheted up his rhetoric. The concessions that he had made to Republicans to end the shutdown are now all off the table, especially the Wall.

cryin chuck schumer donald trump
File Photo: Trump responds to Schumer…

The rabid Leftist portion of the Democrats’ base is forcing Schumer’s hand on another shutdown. The protest at his residence is evidence that they will not accept anything less than total victory on DACA. Hence the retraction of all of Schumer’s concessions. He knows that his base will not accept negotiating with the Republicans on anything. However, Schumer also knows that the shutdown hurt his party. Chances are that a second shutdown would kill the Democrats’ prospects for the 2018 midterms completely. None of that matters to the Leftists, however.

Cryin Chuck Schumer has been caught between a rock and a crazy place. He can’t afford to shut down the government a second time without seriously damaging the party as a whole. The Democrats shut down the government not once, but twice because they put illegal aliens’ ahead of Americans? The campaign ads practically write themselves.

Chuck also can’t afford to not shut down the government because the Democrat party has wedded its fortunes to the extreme, irrational Left for decades. These people won’t accept being told that they have to compromise to an illegitimate, traitorous, Russian puppet in order to get DACA. Anything less than total victory will enrage them. Will the Left be pushed to the point of violence over another Schumer sellout? You can bet that Chuck Schumer is considering that possibility, especially after last night’s events.

Trump and the Republicans have left Chuck Schumer with two bad options; shutdown the government and lose in 2018, or cave and face the wrath of your insane base. Schumer is completely screwed whatever he chooses to do.

Oh yes, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’s chickens have definitely come home to roost.


Written by Radius

Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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