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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #62 – Officially Recognized and Vetted Edition

What Have We Been Playing This Week?

I fired up the NES (via the Retron 2) again to experiment with a few more carts, playing Friday The 13th for about 15 min then some Bubble Bobble. Played mroe Spelunker Party on Switch, some more EDF 4.1 on Steam and found the disc for my 2009 Ghostbusters PC game so that I can try and actually finish that game. Then I went really obscure and played some Merlin Racing on the NUON.

I also got a GrumpyCat photo booth at my business for a limited time but that’s not really a “game”. This is the most I’ve ever used a photo booth though and it seems to be attracting the target audience so far – teenage girls and their reluctant boyfriends.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Wins GOTY – As it should be; 2nd DLC for BOTW also dropped at the show

Wizards Of The Coast Finds New Innovative Ways To Reduce Their Audience 

Ubisoft Delays Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2

Medievil, A PSX-Era Hack-N-Slash, Is Returning In 2018 (PS4)

Steam Stops Accepting Bitcoin Due To Volatility

We’ve Got Zero Exclusive Games But We Do Have Exclusive Controller Skins!

Dark Fantasy FPS Witchfire Shown Off At TGA 2017 (PC)

Shadow Of Colossus Comparison Video

The Detroit Become Human Live Demo @ PSX 2017 Interacted With The Crowd 

New Details For Street Fighter V Arcade Edition – The “Arcade Edition” that isn’t really an AE since it’s all really made for consoles these days

Capcom Will Certainly Milk Street Fighter For As Long As they Can

If You Like Jump Roping, There Is A New Game For That Coming In 2018

Attack On Titan 2 (Coming To Everything) Launches On March 20th, 2018

MechWarrior 5 Slated For A Dec. 2018 Launch

Sony Celebrates Selling 70 Million PS4s Worldwide – Bitter memories of the PS3 now in the rear-view mirror

Back when arcade games has special screens for Christmas Season:


nVidia Launches The Titan V Graphics Card – For a mere $3,000, you can once again show just how far advanced the PC Master Race is ahead of the consoleites who like to brag about how powerful their hardware is. Granted, this does not have gamers as the target market but researchers who don’t have access to a supercomputer. If you are spending that kind of cash, you might as well spend another $1200 and get Acer’s new color-accurate 4K IPS monitor. Money may not buy happiness but it sure can buy 110 Teraflops of purty graphics:

New ready Player One Trailer – I’ve been told by numerous people to read this book (including Eugene Jarvis who highly recommended it) but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. From this trailer, I can see how it’s a big love letter to the 80s, which probably fits with Spielberg’s nostalgia for the times when he also couldn’t make a movie without it being a big hit:

Hideo Kojima Unveils Death Stranding (PS4) – If you’re a fan of former Konami celebu-dev Hideo Kojima, then you’ve probably already seen this cinematic trailer for his next game project, Death Stranding. If not, then here’s what appears to be an 8 minute cut scene from the upcoming sci-fi thriller, starring the likenesses of some famous people:

Soulcalibur VI Announced (PC/PS4/XB1) – If you’re a SC fan then no sugar for you in arcades or the Switch. That’s modern Bandai Namco for you. I remember when SC was the fighting game of the moment – either bringing out crowds to the arcade to compete or getting people to buy a Dreamcast

Bayonetta 3 Exclusively Coming To Nintendo Switch – I’ve not played any of the Bayonetta’s to know what all of the hype is about but I remember tons of hand wringing back when the WiiU got part 2 as an exclusive. Whiny internet warriors constantly moaned about that, not understanding how funding a game’s existence works. It’s something that Microsoft could learn a thing or to about when it comes to that mystical word “exclusive”.

Now, Switch owners will get to benefit from Sega & Nintendo’s love nest on this franchise, with the trilogy as it is coming to the Switch:

Konami Testing A Potential DDR Replacement In Japan – Called Dance Rush, this uses a unique LED dance floor and allows users to freestyle. It might come to the US if you go to Round1USA but it is unlikely that Konami will do a wider release like with their other games as of late. More details here.

Technology Headlines

The Bitcoin Rollercoaster Continues + Hackers Like It Too

Space Station Gets An Impact Sensor To Study Space Debris

Goolag Blocking YouTube App On Amazon’s FireTV & Echo Show

Panasonic Sells Most Battery Stock To Tesla, Leaving Others Hanging In The Wind

Boeing (Again) Claims They’ll Beat SpaceX To Mars – Of course, it’s all grandstanding until someone puts a person there

Qualcomm Continues To Improve ARM Processors & Features W. Snapdragon 845

Zelios Silent Tactile Switches Coming To Mechanical Keyboards

Toshiba Jumps Ahead By Introducing A 14TB Helium HDD – Not the first to use helium but they did this using convention recording tech

The Navy’s Railgun Likely To Be Replaced By HVP Tech Before It Rolls Out – RIP Railgun

Pipefish Robot Looks To Replace Sewer Cable Camera Systems


WiFi Data Sent Over Using Mechanical, 3D Printed Parts  – A little while back I shared a concept for a Venus lander that was entirely mechanical. Now someone has created something that while non-related to that specific project, looks to share the same idea. Using 3D printed parts, this is able to send a WiFi signal mechanically, no battery needed.

Tech Gift Ideas For This Year – Self-explanatory. Perhaps there’s something out there you might have missed for a loved one:

Space Pron Of The Week: Abedin Crater (Mercury) – Mercury has only been visited by two spacecraft, the most recent one snapped this composite of a large crater on the planet’s surface.

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