Report: President Trump has had it with the Establishment Advisors, Will Return to Roots in 2018

Trump gave the establishment its chance to show him how they would run things in 2017. Trump is facing a 2018 having lost some key races, the most bruising was a Senate race in blood red Alabama courtesy of a combined Republican and Democrat establishment jockeying for the Democrat.

Trump advisors in the White House have run to the reporters at Axios and are sounding the alarms that Trump is planning on ignoring them and the other establishment tied advisors in the new year after the “glow” of the tax reform victory has subsided:

Citing multiple sources who have met or spoken recently with the president, Allen reports that those in the know in Washington should expect the “full Trump” in 2018—the president’s upcoming second year.

“If you ask some close to President Trump what worries them most about 2018, it’s not Robert Mueller’s probe,” Allen writes under a headline saying to expect Trump to be “unchained” in 2018. “It’s that establishment guardrails of 2017 come down — and Trump’s actual instincts take over.”

“Next year will bring ‘full Trump,’ said one person who recently talked to the president,” Allen adds.

Axios illustrates that most of the achievements made this year are wins that any generic Republican could have achieved. The author states that Trump is planning on a trade war with China after they’ve repeatedly violated international trade agreements and continue to undercut our industries by enacting subsidies for their own.

“Most of those in his current decision-making circle — even if they’re not mainstream Republicans — are defending mainstream Republican principles like free trade and an internationalist view of foreign policy,” Allen writes. “But top officials paint a different portrait of Trump when it comes to what he really wants on trade, immigration and North Korea — but has been tamped down by skeptical staff and Cabinet officials.”

Privately, Trump is throwing down entirely with the economic nationalist roots of his presidency.

“Trump keeps asking for tariffs — on steel and aluminum, in particular,” Allen writes. “He wants a trade war, and has for many years. His economic and diplomatic advisers persuaded him to delay trade actions in 2017.”

And like I’ve stated before, it doesn’t matter who is whispering in the President’s ears, he has his ideas and he is going to start pushing them. Strenuous objections will not be affecting the outcomes of these decisions that Trump is planning on making in 2018.

And while 2017 was defined by behind-the-scenes who’s up, who’s down power struggles in the administration and West Wing over which policies would win out, Allen notes that 2018 seems to be heading in the direction of a place where it doesn’t matter which measly globalist advisers are riding high at any given moment.

“Those advisers recognize that the day of reckoning will come in 2018, regardless of whether economic adviser Gary Cohn and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — who advocated restraint — stay or go,” Allen writes.

Next month is the time for action for President Trump. He will start on tackling trade over objections by the free trade cult in the Senate and establishment:

Allen says that Trump has trade actions planned next month, too, something that other reports indicate are splitting Trump from GOP leaders. A recent headline in the Hill newspaper read, “GOP frustration rises with Trump on trade.”

The piece from Alex Bolton quotes several Senate Republicans, including Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) and Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), who raise concerns with President Trump and his administration’s efforts to put America first on trade.

This is why the DACA deal is not going to be a surrender. The president had already raised the demands a second time for any compromise on legislation dealing with them. In addition to ending chain migration, which brings in millions of people to the United States simply because they have a person they know living here (yes it is getting this ridiculous), the President is now asking for the Wall to be funded.

Both of those are poison pills for Democrats and Chamber of Commerce controlled Republicans (most of the Senate Republican caucus).

I fully expect a DACA compromise with those two requirements to fail passing through Congress, amnesty will lose conservative votes and the Trump requirements likely lose nearly all Democrats.

And this will happen over the rage tears of the establishment advisors.

But Allen notes that while Trump may have delayed acting on some of his economic nationalist instincts in 2017 to appease advisers’ demands, expect him to move forward with or without the useless advisers in 2018.

“Look for Trump to take action on trade in the next month. It probably won’t be next week, so as not to disrupt the afterglow of the tax cut. But nothing is final,” Allen writes, adding, “Trump still wants his wall, and tighter restrictions on legal immigration. He’s a true believer on this stuff, and knows intuitively that it keeps his base stoked.”


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