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Gloria Allred Crashes and Burns: Refuses 4 Times to Say Whether Yearbook was a Forgery, Tide Turning Against the Roy Moore Accusers

Wow, what an admission. Gloria Allred was repeatedly asked by Wolf Blitzer to deny the allegations from Roy Moore’s attorney and others that the signature is forged and quite possibly, the entire yearbook entry is fake. Her response was to refuse to say if the document was real and instead demanded that Roy Moore appear before a Senate Panel under oath and deny the accusations like a modern day Salem Witch Trial.

Roy Moore Yearbook Forgery

She has refused to stand behind the yearbook “signature” by Roy/Ray (in one color) and the rest of the signature in a different color with different penmanship. She also refused at least three separate times on CNN to say whether her client knew that Roy Moore was her judge at her divorce hearing.

… I wonder why?

Maybe because this completely undermines the credibility of her client’s accusation to the point that this is becoming a mass libel suit for Roy Moore?

Maybe because Gloria Allred, a Democrat Convention delegate, knows that this being a forged signature/message out would help also destroy every other accuser’s story?

It would be very interesting to see why she was so broken up at the press gaggle the other day and yet didn’t have a problem with her alleged sexual assaulter presiding over her divorce hearing 18 years closer to the alleged incident.

Wolf Blitzer just asked Gloria Allred if yearbook inscription isn’t a forgery

Wolf Blitzer just asked Gloria Allred if she will say flatly that yearbook inscription isn’t a forgery. Allred refuses to say this, even when pressed repeatedly by Blitzer.

Roy Moore needs to keep hammering this accuser and demanding to see this yearbook for investigation and whether there is a motive behind her to go after him due to their past history.

Here is the attorney demanding to see the yearbook:

Since this is obviously a fake, based on the FOUR denials to even say that the signature and message were forged, this is a turning point. Roy Moore has turned the tables, he can now demand to see this yearbook at every public event he holds. They can’t give it over because he will definitively prove it is a fake and sue the woman and Allred to oblivion for libel.

This puts the public burden back on the accusers to put up or shut up, and it makes it simple for Roy Moore to frame the argument: “Give the yearbook to an investigator.” He can now effortlessly destroy this woman’s credibility and transfer that to the rest of the “accusers.”

Since the only person who actually may have had an actual serious case against him, if any of this is actually even remotely true, was Leigh Corfman, this is going to be over quickly. Leigh Corfman has previously been shown to be a financial wreck who has made several false accusations of sexual harassment against many different men.

I now predict that not only will Roy Moore now win, this is going to terminally turn Roy Moore against every sitting Senator in Washington DC. This is also going to blow up in the face of the Democrats and the Republican establishment falling over themselves to denounce an innocent man. The blowback should necessarily be devastating against them.


A New Accuser Steps Forward Against Roy Moore, Even More Laughable Than Before

So naturally fake news central, the Washington Post, has come forward with more accusers, this time even more laughable than the previous ones.

An excerpt of one of the women’s insanely hilarious recount of her “encounter” with Roy Moore that left her “scared,” he kissed her!

Richardson says Moore asked her out again on the call. A few days later, after he asked her out at Sears, she relented and agreed, feeling both nervous and flattered. They met that night at a movie theater in the mall after she got off work, a date that ended with Moore driving her to her car in a dark parking lot behind Sears and giving her what she called an unwanted, “forceful” kiss that left her scared.

Summation (if this sad story has even a shred of truth): She was flattered that an older man asked her out, an 18 year old senior in high school, and they went behind the local Sears store in the parking lot and made out, she told him to stop and he did.

Social Justice Warrior Summation: She was forcibly dragged by an agent of the patriarchy into a pre rape ritual and then drugged/mind controlled with rape juice and was taken to the parking lot of a local Sears in order to rape her and she said no after he kissed her and he stopped, soooooo… she was raped.

If anyone needs any more proof that this is yet another Democrat, here is a massive cluebat:

“I never wanted to see him again,” says Richardson, who is now 58 and a community college teacher living in Birmingham. She describes herself as a moderate Republican and says she didn’t vote in the 2016 general election or in this year’s Republican Senate primary in Alabama.

Moderate Republican who didn’t vote last year or in the Senate primary = Democrat community college teacher pretending to be a Republican.

Remember the last time a community college teacher came face to face with Republicans?

Eric Clanton

Just remember… this is now all they have:

His overtures caused one store manager to tell new hires to “watch out for this guy,” another young woman to complain to her supervisor and Richardson to eventually hide from him when he came in Sears, the women say.

Phyllis Smith, who was 18 when she began working at Brooks, a clothing store geared toward young women, said teenage girls counseled each other to “just make yourself scarce when Roy’s in here, he’s just here to bother you, don’t pay attention to him and he’ll go away.’ ”

This is it.

The Washington Post wants us to believe that Roy Moore was a roving rapist who’d latch onto young women in the malls and yet would leave if told to leave and would stop if told to stop.

There is no case, The End right?


And Another Accusation Falls Apart, Mall Manager Speaks Out About Roy Moore Being ‘Banned’

Barnes Boyle, former manager of the Gadsen Mall in Alabama, denied ever banning Roy Moore and claimed there was no documentation of any incidents between him and young women there:

The former manager of the Gadsden Mall in Alabama, Barnes Boyle, has denied ever banning GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore from the shopping center because he harassed teenage girls.

Boyle, who managed the center from 1981 to 1996 and plans to vote for Moore in next month’s election, said he would have documented any such incident and does not believe the mall has the paperwork to prove any such ban took place.

“We did have written reports and things. But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall,” Boyle told WBRC in Birmingham, Ala.


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