BREAKING Sparta Report Exclusive: Roy Moore Accuser May Be Connected To Alabama Democrat Senate Candidate, Resistance Member

UPDATE: Debbie Wesson Gibson has Attempted to Scrub Her Facebook of Her Democrat Connections

Sparta Report has backups of the original posts and have added them after the original links, we have kept the original links in the event that she decides to make them public again.

This does not look good for her if she was a registered Republican, why is she trying to hide her public profile as a Democrat/Resistance member? Is she trying to hide something else?

UPDATE: Debbie Wesson Gibson’s Sister, Donna Smalley, Responds to Sparta Report

“Debbie Gibson is a registered Republican in Florida. She cannot vote in Alabama. She interprets for candidates of both parties or whoever hires her. She has nothing to gain by coming forward and telling the truth when asked, which she did. She did not “accuse” Roy Moore of anything more than dating her when she was 17 and he was 34 and an assistant D.A. She does not know any of the other women. She has not been contacted by anyone from the DNC OR RNC, and she does not know Doug Jones nor has she spoken with anyone from his campaign.”

UPDATE: The Accuser is a Resistance Member?

In addition to having her and Hillary Clinton as a cover photo for her Facebook page, she also had “resist” as a cover photo:

Trump was “Not Her President”?

Debbie Wesson Gibson posted this photo to her Facebook back in February, around the same time she announced herself as a member of the Resistance.

The original link:

(The internet is forever Debbie)

Deborah Wesson Gibson Not My President Trump

She commented on her picture that he was “Hitler” and that she was okay with losing against a “non monster Republican” like Kasich:

(The internet is forever Debbie)

Deborah Wesson Gibson Trump Hitler Dictator Not My President

She is going to fight Trump, who is a “dictator” and a “fascist.”

The only way she was “losing” was if she was a Democrat, Republicans won in 2016:


(the internet is forever Debbie)

Deborah Wesson Gibson Not My President Trump Democrat Lost Kasich Pence Would Be Better


Original Story

Debbie Wesson Gibson was identified as one of the accusers of Roy Moore in the scandal that broke yesterday. In it she stated that Moore asked her out on a date while she was attending Etowah High School in Attalla, Alabama. She was 17 at the time.

There is a social media profile for Debbie Wesson Gibson on Linkedin, where she lists in her education experience history as attending Etowah High School during the same time frame as the accusation.

Deborah Wesson Gibson owns a Florida LLC named “Signs of Excellence”, which performs sign language interpretations services for the hearing impaired. She has performed sign language interpretations for Democrat candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Patrick Murphy.

Debbie Wesson Gibson
Debbie Wesson Gibson with Joe Biden

At the time of the accusation from Debbie Wesson Gibson, Moore was the prosecutor in Gadsden County, Alabama. Etowah High School is located just outside Gadson city in the town of Attalla, Alabama.

We have confirmation that Donna Wesson Smalley, a self-described friend of Democrat Senate Candidate Doug Jones, is in fact her sister.

Donna Wesson Smalley is a divorce and family law attorney in Jasper, Alabama. Her Facebook page says Doug Jones is her “dear friend,” and has several posts that indicate support for Jones and a desire to “stop” Roy Moore.

donna wesson smalley doug jones

The obituary of her father, Lt. Col. Robert Eugene Wesson, names her and Debbie as siblings.

He is survived by children, Donna Wesson Smalley, JD, of Jasper, Dr. Randy Lee and Judy Campbell Wesson of Mobile, and Deborah Wesson Gibson of Delray Beach, Fla.

Debbie Wesson Gibson’s Facebook also shows that she has been in the Gadsden, Alabama area in the past few weeks. She has posted several photos from Attalla, Alabama where her family home is located.

Based in Delray Beach, Florida, the company has recently opened an Alabama office. Alabama Secretary of State’s office records show Debbie Wesson Gibson’s sister, Donna Smalley, as the registered agent of Signs of Excellence, LLC in Jasper, Alabama.


NOTE:  courtesy of Bizchuck and a few others who assisted on the research.


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