BREAKING: Neighbors Say Colorado Shooter Racist Toward Hispanics

KKTV in Denver tweeted that —

Petkash Photog KKTV on Twitter

Thornton Police searching the apartment of Walmart shooter Scott Ostrem. Neighbors tell us “he was very racist towards Hispanics.

The names of the three victims are were Pamela Marques, Carlos Moreno, and Victor Vasquez. Ms. Marques also used the name Gutierrez which I suspect is her maiden name.

Thornton Police Department spokesman Victor Avila said: “From what we have right now it appears to be random.”

The shooter nonchalantly walked into the Walmart, targeted three people and executed them, and then drove around until a citizen called police to report the car about five miles from the Walmart.

Anyone see any dots to connect?

Mark Rosneck

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