What’s Wrong With This Picture You’ve Seen A Hundred Times Already?

What do you do when you suddenly figure something out and it may be important? Specifically when the insight is, “What’s Wrong With This Picture You’ve Seen A Hundred Times Already?”

In my case, hit up a friend on Chat.

Friend-Today at 12:15 AM
Okay, so what’s up with this picture?

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:17 AM
The picture has a door with bullet holes in it laying horizontally across the lower open side of the double door suite.

Friend-Today at 12:18 AM
I see them.

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:18 AM
Where SHOULD that door be? Given this is the most important crime scene in decades?

Friend-Today at 12:18 AM
you think the door should be completely destroyed? Or carried off as evidence?

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:20 AM
First rule of EVERY crime scene anywhere in the world – NOTHING gets moved a millimeter from where it naturally came to rest during the crime and action taken to end the crime.

The door was blown off it’s hinges and away from it’s juncture with the other door. There is no WAY in hell that door came to rest propped up in that position.
The door should be back inside the room. Someone has INTENTIONALLY moved the door and propped it up in that position.
See the number 19 evidence marker inside next to the rifle with the scope? That hasn’t been disturbed.

Friend-Today at 12:23 AM
I see what you’re saying
the crime scene was mishandled

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:24 AM
See the bullet holes IN the door?

Friend-Today at 12:24 AM
Or intentionally altered

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:25 AM
No, not mishandled – someone wanted to this picture to be noticed – it’s been moved so the public can see details of the door.

If you zoom in on the door where the bullet holes are located – those are the exit side of the bullet passing through the door – you can tell because of the pieces of plastic/wood around the holes very distinctive to anyone whose done a good deal of shooting at a wide variety of materials.

See it?

Friend-Today at 12:31 AM
I see the bullet holes yes, but I don’t really much when I zoom in given how blurry the picture is

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:32 AM
Next look at the outside of the door still in the frame

Friend-Today at 12:32 AM
no holes

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:34 AM
Look at the panel sections built in to the surface of the door. The top panel size is much larger than the lower panel size. It’s nowhere near close to the same size, correct?

Friend-Today at 12:35 AM

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:35 AM
Zoom all the way out for this part

Friend-Today at 12:35 AM
The door lying on the floor

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:35 AM
Seeing it???

Friend-Today at 12:35 AM
The bullet holes all go through the TOP panel

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:35 AM

Friend-Today at 12:36 AM
Ok so one possiibility I am thinking of

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:36 AM
Don’t go there yet
How many bullet holes?

Friend-Today at 12:37 AM
let me count
looks like 9

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:37 AM
My count is 10 but close enough

Friend-Today at 12:37 AM
three on the “top” and then that six on the bototm

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:40 AM
You’ll need the picture of the service cart in the hallway next

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:44 AM
Zoom in on the left front of the cart which is towards the doors

Friend-Today at 12:44 AM
should I be looking at those little black marks?

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:45 AM
Yep. How many bullet holes in the tablecloth?

Friend-Today at 12:45 AM
Looks like 3 in the front and then one off to the right
and then maaaaaaaaaybe one on top
Hard to tell

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:47 AM
Correct, and those are REALLY important because they corroborate the security guard getting hit in the leg even though the bullets went through the door at roughly waist height and above.
Security guard – genuine hero

Friend-Today at 12:48 AM
Also I can’t quite tell but there’s two funny looking black marks near the back
I dunno if those are holes or little debris pieces

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:52 AM
Not important, the ones on the front tell us what we need to know because they match what SHOULD be – someone with a rifle fires 9 -10 rounds from a rifle held up to their shoulder that hit the door about waist height SHOULD continue a downward trajectory for the most part on the other side of the door.
Room service cart – honorable mention

Friend-Today at 12:53 AM

PolAgnostic-Today at 12:55 AM
Last critical piece of evidence and don’t run ahead of me because it potentially tells us the most.
The door in the frame is in the closed position which coincides with the SWAT team needing to blow the door.

PolAgnostic-Today at 1:02 AM
The door being closed tells it’s own story – the security guard sees the door ajar and gets shot like the proverbial curious cat. The shooter seeing the door ajar and having insufficient evidence of the guard’s health and potentially being armed (some of the security guards wear guns and the meticulous shooter already knows this fact) steps up and closes the door, locks it and “barricades” it to some extent.

If the shooter had accomplices, he now knows they have made their escape and he’s got zero chance of surviving since he knows the guard has a radio and can probably be heard through the door yelling into it.

The meticulous shooter knows the SWAT team will be coming through the doors and given the carnage that has been wreaked outside, also knows their priority will be on taking him alive if possible.

SWAT teams “shooting to kill” is Hollywood fiction. LEO’s want the shooter because it’s a lot easier to get the story from a human being than from thousands of hours of investigation if the shooter is dead.

The shooter, according to tonight’s press conference, was intending to escape based on details the police are correctly not releasing yet.

Friend-Today at 1:08 AM
though there is one thing
what is your explanation for the funny positioning of the bullet holes on the front door?

PolAgnostic-Today at 1:09 AM
The shooter is experienced. He knows not to shoot from the waist because the spread would be to great.

Firing from the shoulder is more accurate and it’s possible the video had showed the security guard was crouched down outside in the hallway to minimize his cross section exposed to gunfire (security guard would be smart to have done it that way).

The shooter aims about midway up the door but may have been aiming slightly higher. It’s a common mistake even an experienced shooter will make – forgetting the bullet’s path at that close of a distance will actually be a couple of inches below where he is aiming.

PolAgnostic-Today at 1:11 AM
The shooter can’t count on the SWAT team killing him … but it may be vitally important to him that he not be taken alive.

Is he tied to a terrorist cell? An undercover IC agent who knows he can’t be taken alive or people he knows will pay the price? We don’t know but I am certain somebody inside the investigation knows and wanted to get the evidence out.

How do I know?

Because that person(s) took the risk of breaking the law and leaking these crime scene photos to the media. I have a very high probability of knowing one of the person(s) name but I’ll sit on it for now.

I encourage everyone to download your own copies of the photos from the internet and confirm for yourselves what I am seeing.


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