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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #56 – Turtle Power Edition

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What Have You Been Playing This Week?

I’ve been rather swamped but still found time to play some games with my kids as I “tested” out a new capture device. We played some Alien Vs. Predator, Atari Karts (both on the Atari Jaguar), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Hyrule Warriors. I also played some more Star Wars Pinball and Doe Of The Dead at my arcade. Here’s the latter as captured by that shiny new card:

Gaming Headlines

The Escapist May Close Down Soon

Switch Adds Video Capture

Dragonball Fighterz Going To Offer An Open Beta on PS4/XB1 – Get ready to pay $100 if you want the “full” experience though.

Fire Emblem Warriors Launches This Week

Need Something Scary For Free This Week? Try Hide And Shriek

Original XBOX Games Are $10 On Xbox One

The Odd “Retro Futuristic Pre-Columbian” Shoot ‘Em Up Game Pawarumi Is Now On Steam Early Access

Pre-Orders Open For Star Control Origins (PC)

More PSVita Devs Jumping Ship For The Switch

There’s A New (And Official) Wired Gamepad For Kids On The PS4

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds To Get A Physical Release On XB1

Switch Gets Another Exclusive: Shin Megami Tensei 5

Nintendo Explains Why Star Fox 2 Was Included On The SNES Classic Mini

Samba De Amigo For The Switch?


NeoGAF Falls -I had written up more about the fall of NeoGAF but Doomberg got it covered so you can read the details about another SJW stronghold falling in on itself. As of this writing, the site is ‘up’ with a message about “scheduled maintenance” (yeah, sure). Like in Hollywood media, gatekeepers like the throwbacks at Kotaku are acting all abhorrent over things they knew to be the case but now that the dam has broken, they can pretend to be outraged. Unfortunately for them, that’s not really working out since they’ve been one of the forum’s biggest defenders4chan is also now blocking discussion about it.

The Ninja Turtles Are Bringing The Brawler Back To The Arcade – Where true Turtle Power belongs, by my humble opinion…that style of game was always best suited to the arcade format but after ’93 or so, it’s been tough to come by. Enter in Raw Thrills and their present dominance of the arcade industry. They’ve been slowly experimenting with joystick games over the past few years and now they are ready to take the plunge with a multiplayer joystick game and Ninja Turtles licensing. I would say it is a gutsy move to try and recapture Konami’s past glory though. Expectations are going to be sky high for this. I own the old Konami TMNT and will get to play this new one in a few weeks. Initial story is here; impressions from the location test are here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Learn Japanese To Survive! Kanji Combat Kickstarter – My favorite, most memorable class in high school was Japanese. The Japanese pride themselves on the difficulty of their langauge, with its three writing systems and 45 letters to two of those systems. The 3rd system (and probably the most famous) is known as kanji, where instead of ‘letters’, its more like hieroglyphics in having particular symbols represent words. Now, a Kickstarter has launched for a game in a series that aims to teach the player Japanese using a Final Fantasy style RPG game setting. You can already get the combat games for Katakana & Hiragana; there is also a puzzle game that teaches you kana. the Kanji version aims to launch by August of next year. While I did fine in my Japanese class with always getting As, these games certainly would have locked in my interest as a game playing teenager:

Super Mario Odyssey Launches This Week – This will likely be the biggest launch for the Nintendo Switch since the console & Breath Of the Wild came along in March. As such, Nintendo has been promoting the snot out of the game, dropping two trailers today – here’s one of them.

Halloween Horrors On Killing Floor 2 (PC/PS4) – On the opposite end of the bright & happy spectrum is the violent FPS Killing Floor. They always like to roll out something for Halloween; here’s a trailer showing the Halloween Horrors update:

Homebrew of the Week: Llamatron 2112 & Revenge Of The Mutant Camels (Atari Jaguar) – When he’s not busy remaking Tempest, coding legend Jeff Minter has been offering his stamp of approval to some Atari ST ports to the Atari Jaguar of his old clones. Namely the Robotron 2084 like game Llamatron 2112 and Revenge of the Mutant Camels. The latter game isa  bit more oddball; the Atari 800 version was based off of Parker Bros’ Star Wars ESB and played lightning fast while the ST version is a bit slower and is a little more like a straightforward scrolling shooter. AtariAge will be selling this one next month:

Technology Headlines

Wi-Fi Flaw Discovered

China Lustfully Eyes The Smartphone Market In Bid To Dethrone The Apple/Google Duopoly

Of Course Toyota Has Self-Driving Tech On Test That Talks – Say hello to KITT (in a way)

Funko Files For IPO Cuz’ They Make Tons Of Money

Loaded? Then Amazon Has VR & MXR PC Bundles For You

Microsoft Excited About ARM-Based Laptops But Like Usual, The Hype Needs To Be Tempered A Little

ALL YOUR CITIES ARE BELONG TO US – Google’s Master Plan To Run The Smart City Business

Blue Origins New Glenn Has A Successful Engine Test

Here Lies MIR In The Spacecraft Ocean Graveyard – Naturally, China can’t be bothered to have better control over their space junk

All The Sciency Stuff You Could Want To Read About The Battery That ‘Breathes’

The Paper Supercapacitor

The Google Pixel 2 XL Screen Is Having Burn-In Problems 

Imma Gunna Let You Finish But These Are The 15 Most Influential Websites of ALL TIME…OF ALL TIME!


Using Mixed Reality (MXR) For Surgery – While Vr continues the struggle to be relevant, AR & MXR are here and ready to take VR’s lunch. One of the more practical uses of MXR (that VR can’t touch, outside of training) is in the medical field, as we see here:

Magic Sticky Pads – Need to stick a cup to the wall? Then these sticky pads are for you!

Rigiet, the Camera Stabilizer – Everybody is about taking videos these days, much to the chagrin of GropeyWood (or do we prefer RapeyWood?). With cameras on pretty much every phone in existence now, a lot of people shoot video using those devices but they aren’t really that great for trying to get a static or smooth shot. Enter in the Rigiet, a stabilizer for phones and GoPros:

Vue Smart Glasses – Made to be far less obvious than something like Google Glass or walking around with a VR headset attached to your face (neither of which anyone wants to actually do). Website for these can be found here.

Space Pr0n of the Week: Standing On Venus – This week, back in the groovy 70s, THE RUSSIANS hacked & stole Venus by landing a probe on the surface. They are the only country to send landers to the hellish place, sending us pictures of a rocky landscape. The picture below has been modified from the original source to show what it would be like if you were standing there (and not being instantly burned & crushed into a crispy pulp by the air pressure & temps)

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