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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #53 – Always Standing Edition

10 Hello world and welcome to the 53rd weekly gaming/tech thread.

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What Are You Playing This Week?

I didn’t get a lot of game time in this week apart from playing a little Ghostbusters pinball, a tiny bit of Cruis’n Blast (arcade), The Walking Dead Arcade (did a little hardware upgrade, had to test :P) and some Doom on the PC. I just haven’t made/found the time for much else. How about y’all?

Gaming Headlines

Nintendo & YouTube Livestreaming Hits Another Pothole In The Road

Game Group ESA Praises Trump Over STEM EO

Sega Releases New Trailer Promoting Daytona Championship USA Arcade Game

Projection: First Light Puzzle Platformer Slated For Q2 2018 Release (PC/PS4/SW/XB1)

Department Of The Interior Is Made Great Again By Adding A Big Buck Hunter Machine To The Cafeteria

Pac-Man Coming To A Casino Near You

More Fire Emblem Warriors Footage

Tomb Raider The Last Revelation Getting An Unofficial HD Remake

Volition Studios Lays Off Some Staff After Poor Sales

Fan-Made Sonic 2 HD Demo Now Available For Download

FIFA 18 On The Switch Enjoys Fun AAA Level Glitches – From Checkered Board Heads To Shadow People

Cuphead Enjoys Around 125k PC Sales Over 3 Days

RPG/Sports Game Golf Story Also Doing Very Well Out Of The Gate

Some People Are REALLY Into Super Mario Sunshine – This is a hour-long  documentary about it

#EverythingIsRacist – You Can Imagine Just How The Left Treats A Game Called “Dirty Chinese Restaurant”


The C64 Mini – Sure, Nintendo fans are all losing their minds over the newest piece of new nostalgia thanks to the SNES Classic but if you want to show how truly retro you are, you need to get a C64 Mini. These are based on the beloved and best-selling Commodore 64 computer, now at 50% the size. It has 2 USB ports, HDMI out, different pixel filtering options, a save game feature  and 64 (hey) built-in games. Those include classics like Uridium, Impossible Mission, California Games, Chips Challenge, Hawkeye, Nebulus and many others. Granted, I have no room to talk about being retro this or that as I missed the C64 boat BITD (I was firmly in the Atari camp; plus, no one I knew had a C64) but I’m tempted to make up for it by getting one of these. Check out the official website here.

More Details Pop-up About The Ataribox – I guess we’re all “retro” today 😛 Atari released a few more details on their first real console gaming device since the Atari Jaguar this week. Since I commented on this previously, I might as well do so here. The unit is running Linux and will be powered by an unspecified “custom AMD CPU” and Raedeon GPU setup. Beyond the games, users will be able to access the OS to be able to use it as a PC on their TV. They confirmed once again that it will be crowdfunded but already announced that it will cost between $249-$299.

I was expecting a bit smaller price tag on this but for now it looks like they’ll go for it. I am not sure that anyone is really clamoring for the OS access+ music/streaming/apps features as the latter is available on every set-top box and HDMI stick under the sun these days. IMO the price is too high and once again it will come down to the games. But apart from this photo below that shows part of the UI, we don’t know what games it will have. Granted, the portion of the Atari 2600 library that Atari still owns is a given and we see some of that below. But we’ll also want to see what new exclusives it can offer. We’re also unsure from this whether or not they’ll use the superior arcade versions of the shown games or pull from one of the various console counterparts (seems likely it would be the 2600 although with Lunar Lander, that would not be a good idea).

I still stand by my previous assessment that this seems to be another way that the company is attempting to find some investors. Should be interesting to see how the crowdfunding campaign for this ends up.

Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Opens This Week – If you pre-ordered then early access will available on Wednesday while general public gains access on Friday and goes through Monday. Keep in mind though, it’s looking like this is going to be yet another SJW adventure in preaching at you from the Church of Anita since Star Wars is Disney’s best vehicle for shoveling that crap at you.

Sony Announces New PSVR Headset – Yep, already. Sony’s enjoyment of 32xing it’s audience continues unabated. At least you won’t have to re-buy all of the PSVR games but at this rate, they’ll have v3 out in less than a year and a PS4Pro2 by Holiday 2018 (I’m just guessing, based on what they’ve been doing lately). All for the continued chase of the VR dream that most gamers aren’t caring for. If you’re a loaded early adopter and enjoy lots of stand-in-place shooters, then it’s all good though.

Taito Getting Into The Haunted House Business – They were one of the first to start the whole ‘escape room’ craze a few years back so this isn’t a weird stretch for the company. Too bad they aren’t really making arcade games anymore although like Atari above, they are mainly about licensing stuff out these days.

Game Music Of The Week: Fascination (Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX, arcade) – Most arcade games these days don’t have good soundtracks to go with them – for whatever reason that may be. A lot of what I hear is forgettable ambient noise with a slight beat that tries to pass for a soundtrack but it’s just not something that gets the blood pumping for arcade action.

Except for Namco’s Maximum Tune 5DX racing series:

Homebrew of the Week: Tombstones – Retirement Day (Commodore 64) – Since the C64 is in the news, how about a new homebrew for the ol’ computer. I imagine that someone will find a way to get these to operate on the C64 Mini (or Atari homebrews on the Ataribox), although chances are it won’t be built-in for you to easily take care of. Anyways, jump in about 4:15 to see this ol’ West quick draw shooter. Honestly, it’s a little bit bland as far as a game goes – great music at least but otherwise it would be more compelling if setup using the quick draw mechanic  along with making your character have to travel through screens ala Karateka:

Technology Headlines

Stem Cells Harvested From Umbilical Cords May Provide Heart Failure Treatment

Tech To Recognize You Via Your Posture – Of course the ChiComms would be behind this

Robots Making Coffee In San Francisco – #FightFor15, amirite?

QA Seems To Be Taking A Hit At Apple – Just call it a new feature, the iSplit!

Twitter Causes A Stir By Testing 280 Character Waters

Appearance Of A SexBot At A Fair Goes About As Well As You’d Expect

30kw ATHENA Laser System Defeats 5 Drones

Tesla Burns Through $10 billion And Still Makes Zero Profit

SpaceX Hyping Up Mars Plans Again With Unveil Of The SLS Killing BFR

Lockheed Martin Also Has A Reusable Mars Lander

Stratolaunch Completes 1st Tests For Their Aircraft Based Low Earth Orbit Launch System 

$120 HDMI Cable? Well This One At Least This One Boasts An Anti-Aliasing Chip

Apple Quietly Building Up Their Semiconductor Business

Adapting A Electronics Industry Technique To Improve Telescopes

Today’s Tech Industry – Of Golden Parachutes and Revolving Doors

Intel’s Loihi Self-Learning Chip

Facebook Tries To Use The Russia Non-Story As Their Reichstag

Twitch Opens Amazon Store For Official Merchandise

Japan Licenses 11 Bitcoin Exchanges (So Far)

Science Dreams Are Always Ruined By Those Pesky “Huge Caveats”, Aren’t They?


Pushing The New Intel Core i9-7980XE 18-core processor Past 6 GHz – We recently covered the delidding of an AMD Threadripper and now the same user is pushing the boundaries on the new Intel i9s. Now setting new benchmarking and speed records with the processor hitting 6Ghz:

Wireless Charging Comes To Electric Cars – Developed by BMW for their electric car designs. It’s a 3.5 hour charge and not as good as connecting it to a cable…and you’d only have it at your house..and that’s more extra cash spent on it…

Versatile 3D Printing With Thread – Coming to you from Japan where these “knitting machines” can do more than just clothes.

Star Sailor – The World’s Most Complicated Night Light – I’m kind of joking with that headline there, you’ve probably seen small planetarium projectors for kids to use at night before. This takes that idea and gives it everything – Video projector (instead of just slides), Bluetooth, WiFi, ambient temperature & air sensors, smartphone app, etc. etc.

Space Pr0n Of The Week: NGC 6814 – 75 million light-years away is this spiral galaxy that just so happens to be facing us from above. This particular galactic island is a little smaller than our own galaxy, measuring a mere 75,000 light-years across. The image came attached with a lengthy caption so I’ll let that do the rest of the talking; snapped by the Hubble:

Spiral galaxies together with irregular galaxies make up approximately 60% of the galaxies in the local Universe. However, despite their prevalence, each spiral galaxy is unique — like snowflakes, no two are alike. This is demonstrated by the striking face-on spiral galaxy NGC 6814, whose luminous nucleus and spectacular sweeping arms, rippled with an intricate pattern of dark dust, are captured in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image. NGC 6814 has an extremely bright nucleus, a telltale sign that the galaxy is a Seyfert galaxy. These galaxies have very active centres that can emit strong bursts of radiation. The luminous heart of NGC 6814 is a highly variable source of X-ray radiation, causing scientists to suspect that it hosts a supermassive black hole with a mass about 18 million times that of the Sun. As NGC 6814 is a very active galaxy, many regions of ionised gas are studded along  its spiral arms. In these large clouds of gas, a burst of star formation has recently taken place, forging the brilliant blue stars that are visible scattered throughout the galaxy.

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