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The Full Beirut

I’m old enough to remember when Beirut was called The Paris of the Middle East:

Before it became the poster child for urban disaster areas in the mid-1970s, Beirut was called the Paris of the Middle East. With its French Mandate architecture, its world-class cuisine, its fashionable and liberated women, its multitude of churches on the Christian side of town, and its thousand-year-old ties to France, it fit the part. Then civil war broke out in 1975 and tore city and country to pieces.

Civil war driven by political and religious hatreds and a clash of cultures lead to the decimation of what had been for so long the crown jewel of the eastern Mediterranean.

Which, given the present inability of The Left to Let It Go, has gotten me to wondering about which Major American City will be the first to go The Full Beirut in the Age of Trump.

We’ve had some inklings of course, but the likes of Berkley and Middlebury, Vermont don’t really qualify.

No, I’m thinking of something closer to an urban Ethnic Cleansing of Deplorables type situation; the kinda deal where the Religio-Fascistic Left finally hit The Hot Button of No Return.

Doomberg’s recent post on The Return of the Knockout Game could be the latest canary in a coal mine of what the early stages of a full-blown guerrilla civil war might look like.

And from that starting point things in The Mind’s Eye portend a lot more ugly scenarios with No Good Outcomes across the board.

Crazy thoughts?

Well, when you can’t walk a city block without seeing signs imploring RESISTANCE on your neighbor’s lawns it does set one to wondering…

So if somewhere down the road My Blue City is the one to go The Full Beirut and this semi-coherent piffle ceases I’m counting on My Spartan Deplorable Brethren to carry on by saying loud and proud:

I Am Brunocus!

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