Tens of Thousands of Illegal Aliens Missed DACA Renewal Deadline Last Night

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It now looks like tens of thousands of illegal aliens are now no longer under the umbrella of deferred action, now it is time for some action. The deadline for the DACA renewals based on the new guidelines issued from the Trump administration was October 5th.

Of the 150,000 eligible for renewals in the next six months, only around 120,000 applied. Which means America now has approximately 30,000 illegal aliens who will be dreaming about their previous life in America soon when the Trump administration deports them:

Tens of thousands of young people eligible for renewed protection from deportation had yet to submit their applications hours before a Trump administration deadline Thursday night. The administration was finalizing details of an immigration wish list that could jeopardize a long-term fix.

Under a phase-out plan announced by the president last month, more than 150,000 young people covered by the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program whose permits were set to expire before March 5 were given the chance to submit renewals — provided they arrive by Oct. 5.

Trump gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative replacement for the program. It shielded from deportation hundreds of thousands of young people, many of whom were brought into the U.S. illegally as children, and allowed them to work legally in the country.

While final numbers wouldn’t be available until next week, DHS spokesman David Lapan said that about 118,000 of the roughly 154,000 people eligible for renewals had submitted their applications by mid-day Thursday. That left 36,000 — or about 23 percent of those eligible — outstanding. Facilities processing applications were prepared to accept courier deliveries until midnight, he said.

Buried within the AP article though is some great news on the DACA front. Trump is planning on attaching some pretty hefty strings to any DACA bill, which is likely going to be wildly untenable for any Democrats to support it.

This looks like a deliberate sabotage by Trump and his administration, likely the handiwork of Stephen Miller:

The deadline approached as the Trump administration finalized the details of a set of immigration principles that could upend efforts to come up with a permanent fix for DACA recipients, often known as “Dreamers.”

According to people familiar with ongoing discussions, the principles were expected to include elements of proposed legislation that would dramatically reduce legal immigration rates and overhaul the green card system to prevent extended family members, including siblings and adult children, from joining permanent residents in the U.S.

The White House was expected to endorse principles of the Davis-Oliver bill, which aims to give local law enforcement officials the power to enforce immigration laws and allow states to write their own immigration legislation. The White House was also expected to call for billions of dollars in funding for border security, more immigrant detention beds and immigration judges.

Who thinks that Democrats will back all that just to get around 600,000 new voters, when it might be the last big boost they ever get AND with no possibility of their family members also getting green cards (ending chain migration) in AND funding deportation efforts AND reducing legal immigration AND ending sanctuary cities?

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