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Democrats Unsatisfied With DACA Amnesty, Push to Add Chain Migration

With the Republicans signalling a cave-in on immigration, the Democrats are now going for the jugular, claiming that amnesty for DACA illegals is simply not satisfactory and that chain migration must be added in. Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile.

To all the DACA advocates who said that “800,000 illegals is a reasonable compromise,” do you also think 3,000,000 is also a “reasonable compromise?” How about all the family members of those 3,000,000? Is 10,000,000 also a “reasonable compromise?

The 690,000 current beneficiaries of former President Barack Obama’s 2012 “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” amnesty has been given much sympathetic coverage and support by Democratic legislators, progressive activists, and establishment journalists. For example, many Democrats and reporters describe the illegals as “dreamers.”

So the DACA illegals are pushing a huge amnesty bill, titled the “Dream Act,” which would provide a fast-track amnesty for at least 3 million people. They are also demanding a “clean” Dream Act without any compromise that might curb future immigration, fund a border wall or repatriate other illegals, or even the merit-immigration reform RAISE Act which would raise Americans’ wages.

DACA illegals told Breitbart News that they also want to bring in more of their relatives, including their parents, via chain-migration, and oppose any amnesty-for-reform political compromise that might build up border defenses and enforcement improvements to stop the next wave of migrants hoping to be part of the next amnesty deal in 10 or 15 years.

The financial costs for Americans of this expanding, no-strings amnesty agenda are huge. For example, the cost of an amnesty for the first 3 million would likely reach $115 billion in the first decade in just Obamacare costs. That’s a huge problem for Democrats because polls show that Americans want to be nice to the young illegals — but they also strongly oppose amnesties which threaten Americans’ jobs, wages, and communities.

The defeat of Luther Strange has certainly damaged the prospects for a DACA deal going forward, but we wouldn’t be in this position at all had the Republicans not tried to give away the farm again on amnesty.

After twelve years of electoral defeats over this issue, the party has learned nothing.

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