UPDATE: 4th press conference notes added to comments … BREAKING – Las Vegas News Conf – Killed: 58; Injured 515 – Concert Killings

Las Vegas Concert Killings news conference bullet items
Update: now 58 dead
515 injured
Attendance at concert at approximately 22,000
Have not identified all victims yet
No new information on suspect. Sole shooter – no add’l threat
Recovered items at Mesquite
Owned add’l property in northern NV
Search warrant obtained for add’l property and search underway
Nothing noticed by hotel employees who had been in and out of room since Sept. 28th
Still working family reunification – Switching family reunification to convention center to have more space
Regarding ISIS statement – FBI Special Agent Rause – no connection with an international terrorist group at this time.
Rubin Keywin -4th Congressional District congressman – Thanking LEO’s – stopped by hospital – talked to victims, family members, – thank you to doctors and nurses
DA had two young female attorney at concert who were close to stage – says they are both very shaken up
Have set up a Gofundme account based on deluge of phone calls to authorities asking to help
58 vs 59 – they were trying confirm rpt of death that came in as they were walking up to podium
Everyone speaking is stressing Apolitical outlook
Main thing people can do to help – Asking for LOCAL blood donations
Two off duty police officers injured
Encouraging people next time they see LEO to say “Thank You”
LEO intervention as quickly as they did kept the number killed from being in the hundreds
Governor Sandoval saying general words of thanks for all who responded(edited)
No idea if there was any return fire from officers – does not believe there was any.
Personal commentary – For large scale gatherings, there should be a SWAT counter-sniper on scene at all times. This is an expense concerts, etc can easily cover in their overhead. A counter sniper in this instance could have saved dozens of lives.


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