Apple’s iOS 11.0.1 is Having Major Problems

Apple just can’t seem to do anything right lately. They’ve had to deal with slow sales of the iPhone8. The iPhone X may have supply problems (or alternatively, Apple may be having concerns about the robustness of orders for the devices). Now they are having problems with iOS 11, the new version of their operating system.

The initial launch of the operating system did not go well. In particular, on older phone models, iOS 11 caused very rapid battery drain. Apple’s released an update 11,0,1 to fix the battery drain problem. Unfortunately, it seems to be causing a host of new issues instead:

AppleiOS 11 has problems. My iOS 11 upgrade guide warned users to hold off as serious email and battery life issues arose. To its credit, Apple recognised this by rushing out iOS 11.0.1 as a fix, but now it has started causing more problems than it is fixes…

Both Reddit and Apple’s official @applesupport Twitter account are currently being swamped with complaints about Apple’s latest iOS update. Furthermore it’s not just one thing with users levelling performance issues (notably 3D Touch lag), battery life reduction (unfixed from iOS 11), app crashes (particularly Apple Music, including lost libraries), lock screen freezes, Bluetooth and WiFi connections dropping and overall system instability.

That said if you have a perfectly functioning iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 10 or even iOS 11, I’d strongly suggest you hold off upgrading right now. While Apple began testing iOS 11.1 earlier this week that will take 4-6 weeks before launch, so it looks inevitable that another emergency ‘minor point’ release (iOS 11.0.2) full of bug fixes will be required before then.

Ultimately the timing of these problems couldn’t be worse for Apple. While the iPhone X has rightly caught the public’s imagination, it is expensive and will only be available in limited quantities until March/April 2018.

I would follow the Forbes’ writer advice and recommend Apple users avoid downloading iOS11 until the bugs can be worked out.


Written by Doomberg

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