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11 Reasons Why George W. Bush is a Pathetic Coward for Attacking Trump and His Supporters

Former President George W. Bush attacked President Donald Trump and his nativist, xenophobic, racist supporters yesterday in a speech. In the speech, he deriding the “caustic” culture taking over in Washington D.C.

The passive aggressive former president, who is a complete coward like his dottering fool of an older brother Jeb Bush, did everything but directly attribute all the problems he believes American society is suffering from to President Donald Trump and his supporters.

The media, especially CNN, has been positively ecstatic over the former Republican president attacking the current Republican president.

He’s like the Hollywood actresses who screeched about right wing rapists while covering up for REAL rapists in Hollywood.

His complete hypocrisy in never calling out President Obama for his egregious policies, comments, and attacks while he constantly second guesses and slams of Trump’s is a perfect example of why people hate the establishment.

Here are eleven things that George W. Bush took a pass on offering his advise and/or refusing to attack Obama on:
11 Reasons Why George W. Bush is a Pathetic Coward for Attacking Trump and His Supporters 1 of 11
Obama Trashing America in His Apology Tours

1. Obama Trashing America in His Apology Tours

George W Bush had nothing to say about Barack Obama’s worldwide apology tour he took during his first year in his presidency.

President Obama apologized to Europe for the United States being arrogant, the muslim world for being a colonial power, the rest of the world for the CIA interrogations and slavery, the Cubans and terrorists for Guantanamo Bay, and to our neighbors to the north and south for both “ignoring them” while also apparently being too meddlesome in their affairs.

President Bush’s response? No comment.

Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and the IRS Scandal

2. Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and the IRS Scandal

Federal border patrol agents, contractors, embassy staff, and an ambassador all died in completely preventable incidents.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s handling of those situations was essentially to initiate a coverup and attack and blame innocent people.

The IRS targeted tea party groups, slow walking applications, and other things, likely under orders from higher ups in the Obama administration.

This was something that Nixon was going to be impeached over, yet former President Obama actually did exactly that.

President Bush’s response to all of these abuses and disasters? No comment.

The Entertainment Industry and the Media Smearing of the Republican Party and Himself

3. The Entertainment Industry and the Media Smearing of the Republican Party and Himself

George W. Bush remained silent as the media brutalized his reputation and that of the Republican party he led for the eight years he was in office.

The media, for eight long years, indulged in every leftist conspiracy theory that crossed their desks. They pushed polls saying people believed 9/11 was an inside job to pushing that President Bush intentionally letting people die in Katrina.

The Hollywood rapists also had their shots as well, in every situation, he remained silent.

George W. Bush didn’t respond to this nasty, vindictive charge until 2011. Even then, it required Matt Lauer bringing it up.

Obama Abandoning Iraq and Afghanistan

4. Obama Abandoning Iraq and Afghanistan

President Obama told the world that he was going to start abandoning Iraq and Afghanistan when he ran for President.

Even in the face of a rising ISIS and other terrorist groups President Obama continued to draw down our forces in the Middle East without making sure that the civilian governments were strong enough to resist. President Obama notoriously called those pledged to ISIS as part of the JV Team.

The JV Team nearly toppled the Iraqi and Syrian governments before President Trump took office.

President Bush spent the better part of six years trying to secure Iraq after he ousted Saddam Hussein. Yet, his adopted signature policies concerning Iraq was one of the biggest reasons why we ended up with massive Democrat majorities in 2006 and 2008.

And yet, former president Bush still refused to defend his policies, leaving it to the rest of the party to do it for him.

Obama Trashing George W. Bush, Especially on the Economy

5. Obama Trashing George W. Bush, Especially on the Economy

George W. Bush remained silent as President Obama would repeatedly trash him before, during, and after his Presidency.

Ex president Obama, notably, would attack him by name in his speeches with nary a peep out of the former president.

President Bush’s response? No comment.

Black Lives Matter and Anti Police Violence

6. Black Lives Matter and Anti Police Violence

There are dozens of cases of anti-police violence being committed by those affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

BLM has been trying to silence the free speech of Trump and his supporters since the very earliest stages of the Republican primary.

Likely, given his preponderance in defending the Democrats now, Bush would have blamed Donald Trump and his supporters for causing the situation (like the rest of the Republican upper eschelons did) where the BLM thugs assaulted them because their speech “triggered” them.

Even still… President Bush’s response? No comment.

Obama Trashing Israel

7. Obama Trashing Israel

Barack Obama said the Jews were only in Israel because of the Holocaust,

The Rolling Disaster that is Obamacare

8. The Rolling Disaster that is Obamacare

The single worst abuse of the federal government, from the judiciary and John Roberts, to Pelosi ramming it through (“fixing” it with reconciliation… that they now deride Republicans use of it as lawless), to Barack Obama completely ignoring all opposition and opinion and polling.

Democrats relished this huge power grab they made for the bureaucracy and federal authority. They completely changed the relationship between the citizen and the government. The government essentially owns the bodies of everyone in the United States of America. The Democrats now have allowed the federal government to compel anyone to purchase a product against their will.

George W. Bush loved to highlight his Christianity, but it appears that the man is a John Kasich Christian. Did he stand up for the Little Sisters of the Poor or Hobby Lobby when the federal government, using Obamacare, forced them to provide coverage against their religion?

President Bush’s response? No comment.


Barack Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Executive Memorandums

9. Barack Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Executive Memorandums

President Obama exceeded his authority several times to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, with two of the most notable cases being DAPA and DACA.

With these two orders to his departments, former president Obama granted, unilaterally, work permits and deferred deportation for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. He, by his own authority, usurped the lawmaking ability of the legislative branch of the federal government.

This should have been an impeachable offense, yet…

President Bush’s response? No comment.

The Debt

10. The Debt

President Obama almost accumulated more debt than every other president, combined. The debt almost doubled under President Obama going from nearly 11 Trillion dollars from the previous big government deficit spender, George W Bush,

Respect for Other Branches of Government

11. Respect for Other Branches of Government

Former President Obama had none. He was allowed to govern as America’s first king. No other branch of government, outside of a few minor judicial setbacks, stood against President Obama.

President Obama attacked the Supreme Court during a State of the Union address. No other President has done so as brazenly as the former Democrat president did and broke with the decorum that former president George W. Bush and the establishment Republicans have wet dreams about.

President Bush was unavailable for comment.



George W Bush
Photo by Eric Draper, Courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Library

Former president Bush, actually his whole family, is emblematic of the pathetic, cuck nature of the Republican establishment. They are part of the Hollywood of the Potomac. All of the abuses of the Democrats get nary a peep from this family and those aligned with them, as most of the establishment old guard is.

The Democrats are the rapists and the pedophiles and the criminals and the abusers. And the Republicans are too cowardly and/or co-opted by the Democrat party to fight against them. So they lash out at innocent people with their frustrations.

George W. Bush is a liar, a fake Christian, a globalist enabler, a lawless individual, and a pathetic excuse for a human being. This globalist aligned former president is a national disgrace and should be losing what little respect the Republican base has for him after his little joint stunt with Obama and the Democrats yesterday.

If it isn’t absolutely crystal clear to anyone in the Republican base now that these guys, former presidents Bush Senior and his son, are America hating, lefty enabling cowards, please join the Democrats with them.

Lest anyone think this was all a misunderstanding, the former President wrote the speech himself.

Former president Bush and his family hate you, think you are a racist, xenophobic, nativist, bigoted, fascist trash who should be stomped out of society… or as Mr. Rick Wilson of Twitter says:


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