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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #50 – Halfway There Edition

Tempest 4000

We’ve reached 50 gaming/tech posts! *Pats self on back. Onto the news of the past week:

What Are We Playing This Week?

I’ve been a little busy, still mostly playing adventure/RPG style games including Hyrule Warriors; Morrowind (yes, fired it up on the ol’ Xbox to play my old save from 2004 before being able to fight Vivec); Castle Of The Winds; Shock Troopers 2nd Squad (showing it off to the kids who were amused);and attempting to get somewhere in the Trial of the Sword on The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild. I also started playing Dead By Daylight with friends. It offers some enjoyable horror based gaming with one person as a killer, the rest as people needing to escape. It is only fun with five people though, get down to three or so and it’s too easy for the killer. Downloaded a game called Subnautica for my son who just loves sea animals but I might give that one a spin here soon as it looks interesting.

Gaming Headlines

Firewatch Devs File DMCA Takedown Against PewDiePie For N-Word Sin – Related: PDP Takes Celebutards To Task Over Nature & Anti-Trump Politicization Hysteria <- Strong language but this is great

Resident Evil Revelations Coming To Nintendo Switch, Will Have Gyro Aiming

Indie Game Aaero Sold Better On The XB1 Than The PS4

Intel Game PC Runs Up To Four VR Headsets

Fan-Made Super Mario 64 Online Hits The Net – Probably won’t be up for long

The Sega Dreamcast Turned 18 On Saturday – Old Person Feelz

European Retailers Say That Shenmue I & II Remasters Are Coming To PS4/XB1 

Nintendo Ramping Up Production For SNES Classic 

Metroid: Samus Returns Launches This Week (3DS) – Bonus: Comparing Metroid II (GB) W/ Samus Returns

Bayonetta & Vanquish May Be Getting PC Remasters

Farming Simulator Coming To The Switch

Caladrius Blaze To Get A Limited Physical Release

How Nintendo’s F-Zero Came To Be

10 Fighting Games You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Nintendo Opens A Special Site For Skyrim

An Update On Upcoming Japanese Arcade Games

The Atari VCS 2600 Turns 40 Today – Here’s a video I made last year to showcase 39 awesome 2600 games; What were your favorites?

AtariAge on Twitter

Happy 40th Birthday #Atari2600! #Atari #Retrogaming #HappyBirthday #VideoGames


Tempest 4000 Footage (PC/Unannounced “Consoles”) – If you are a fan of Atari’s Tempest series, originally created by Dave Theurer, then you have reason to rejoice as coding legend Jeff Minter is back to remaking the game once again. I’ll let Infogalactic fill you in on the history there in case you want to read up on it. I was a big fan of T2k and enjoyed T3k despite a few flaws but admittedly I was happy to see Minter try some new non-Tempest things for a change with the likes of Polybius.  I am surprised that this hasn’t been held as an Ataribox exclusive but I have no idea what the strategy is behind that upcoming hardware; as it is, I would love to see Tempest back in arcades again but chances there are slim so it’s either PC or Switch, assuming Atari’s smart enough to bring it to the latter. PC would be good as you could probably use one of these USB spinners (or this one)to recreate the true arcade feel to it.

Tempest 4000 – Gameplay Reveal Tempest 4000 ———————— Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One Publisher: Atari Developer: Llamasoft

LA Noire Making A Comeback On Modern Consoles This November (PS4/SW/VR/XB1) – If you missed out on Rockstar’s LA Noire in 2011 then you will have a new opportunity to enjoy the game as it gets a remake for modern consoles with improved graphics and other features. The Switch version will have motion controls (and cost $10 more) while the PS4Pro/XBX versions will go all 4k:

L.A. Noire Port Announced for Nintendo Switch

Rockstar Games has announced that an enhanced port of L.A. Noire is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch! While the PS4 and Xbox One versions are getting visual enhancements, the Switch version will have options for gyroscopic controls and more! Get the full details here!

Pinball FX3 Multiplayer Trailer (PC/PS4/XB1) – The latest version of the most prominent digital pinball game out there is set to launch on Sep. 26th, so here’s a new trailer showcasing the multiplayer aspect of it. This will also support purchases you made with Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2. I’m still trying to find out when they will release the arcade version of FX2, which was first shown off last year with a tentative release date of February 2017…

Pinball FX3 – Multiplayer Trailer | PS4 Pinball FX3 is coming to PlayStation®4 on September 26! Pinball FX3 is the most community-driven pinball game ever created. Multiplayer-matchups, tournaments and league play drive exciting pinball competition! Non-stop competition is coming on September 26! For more information, visit

F2P Magic: The Gathering Arena Announced (PC) – While I never got into Magic: The Gathering, I know plenty of people who did and still play. There have been video game iterations of it before but this will offer a new digital experience that is designed for new and future card rulesets. You can sign up for the closed beta here.

Magic: The Gathering Arena World Premiere Stream

Watch the World Premiere of Magic: The Gathering Arena with Amaz, Gaby Spartz, and Jimmy Wong. MTG Arena is authentic Magic, designed for gamers, fans, and streamers. Sign up for the Closed Beta at

Game Music Of The Week – Dark Tower Stage (Lords Of Thunder; NEC TurboDuo) – Let’s go for some heavy metal style music this week, from a 90s shoot ’em up that enjoyed some head banging metal for pretty much the whole OST. :

Lords of Thunder – Dark Tower Stage Music

Lords of Thunder Dark Tower Stage Music

Homebrew of the Week: Sonic CD (Sega Dreamcast) – Since it was the Dreamcast’s 18th birthday last week, here’s one of the most recent DC homebrews – a port of Sonic The Hedgehog CD to the system. It is using the Retro Engine and still has a waaaays to go but I guess this will placate those who wish that Sonic Mania could grace Sega’s last system:


No sound, no palette rotation, 3D code commented out to reduce memory use, some graphic memory overwriting itself because available space was reduced to lower RAM use. Less than 400KB away from a kernel panic due to not enough memory.

Technology Headlines

Voyager 1 & 2 Mark 40 Years In Space, Still Operating

NASA Funds Space Junk Cleaning Craft 

Gab To Offer Youtube Alternative Video Uploads

China Claiming Progress With Propellantless EMDrive Tech

Google Now Eyeing HTC’s Mobile Business – Because the Motorola acquisition worked out so well

South Korea Installed Four More THADD Missile Batteries

No Drone Deliveries For The Wacky Tabacky In California

New Ancient Tomb Discovery In Egypt

New Details On Apple’s iPhone X

Spain Fines Facebook Over User Tracking

No, The Voynich Manuscript Was Not Cracked


The Equifax Breach – I understand the need for credit scores and all that jazz but when you have to deal with The System, it is obvious that it is a Rigged one. I’m sure we all have stories of where you’ve been screwed by one of these bureaus who are hardly forgiving when it comes to understanding circumstances behind credit affecting situations but now we’re supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt when they play fast and loose with the data that makes up our identity. Now that Equifax’s lax security has exposed important ID data of almost half of the entire country, they have been undertaking action to protect themselves from the consequences of the breach by trying to push users into their ID protection service which includes waiving your right to sue them. More details on that can be found here.

Panasonic Tech Showcase From IFA 2017 – This past week saw a technology trade show in Berlin and one of the vendors was Panasonic, showing off their latest ideas. This video is a compilation of their booth, although if you want to see more about the ‘big stuff’, click: Here for their Lazy Man Fridge (moves around, takes dirty dishes away); Here for their washed clothes folding robot; and here for their educational robotic ball.

#PanasonicIFA 2017 Booth Highlights in 100 sec #IFA2017

Panasonic exhibits its latest products and technologies at Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) 2017 to be held in Berlin, Germany, from September 1 to 6, 2017. Under the theme of “A Better Life, A Better World,” the Panasonic booth will present a wide range of products, from audio-visual equipment and home appliances to beauty appliances that create “a lifestyle people yearn for.”

LG’s IFA 2017 Tech Showcase – Panasonic is hardly the only company working on future tech, here’s LG with a nice “tour” style showcase of what they were had to offer, including a new fridge that you can knock on the door to see what is inside without having to open it (how many of you have been yelled at by mom for sitting there with the fridge open? 😛 ); they also have cordless vacuum cleaners, Smart AC and more. Granted, the “Smart” part means integration with Amazon and Google (All Your Privacy Are Belong To Us)

LG at IFA 2017 – Premium Lifestyle

Here at IFA 2017 in Berlin, you can discover all the latest LG innovations that will transform your lifestyle. Let me walk you through the H&A Zone through the 4 main concepts in spotlight. For more information visit▶ Brand Site:

Cool Tech At IFA 2017 – Here’s a tour of IFA that even covers ‘cool’ stuff at the LG and Panasonic booths that aren’t shown in the videos above; there is also a focus on some of the gaming tech

The Coolest Tech At IFA 2017!!!

IFA has shown us some amazing tech! Join PC Centric for the top technology show off at the show. Thanks to Philips for sponsoring our IFA 2017 coverage! Subscribe To PC Centric For Bi-Weekly PC, Gaming and Tech Videos! Follow @PcCentric on Twitter Like PC Centric on Facebook!

LEIA Holographic Display For Mobile Phones – Holography, or rather volumetric displays, are certainly starting to pick up steam out there and one might be coming to phones sooner than you would think. Red Digital Cinema and Leia Inc. have joined forces to use the latter company’s display technology to bring holography to a smartphone in 2018. That phone is called the Red Hydrogen One, which will cost a mere $1200. Here’s a video of LEIA’s tech but as always, volumetric displays are always most impressive in person:


No Description

Cassette Tapes Saved! – A brand new cassette player for 2017? Yep. This Elbow cassette player would have totally blown radical minds in the 1980s, although it would have needed a larger parallel or serial port for PC music transfers (and no MP3 format).


No Description

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Cassini Approaces Saturn – Going with some video pr0n this week as a reminder (once again) that NASA’s Cassini will crash into Saturn this Friday. Here is what it looked like to approach the sixth planet from the Sun, with a dip through the rings and onto Enceladus:

5.6k Saturn Cassini Photographic Animation – First 1 minute of footage from In Saturn’s Rings – the current version of this clip is here in 4K: Please visit the website, blog above for much more updated information. The information below is from 2010 when the clip was first posted. Music is Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber NEW VERSION HERE: and new shots here: Not-for-profit animated IMAX film in early production by a single filmmaker.

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