Uh oh: Luther Strange has financial ties to fraud-infested immigration program

According to Alabama Today, Luther Strange is a partial owner of Sunbelt EB-5 Regional Center.  And not a small stake either – he owns one-sixth of the firm, which allows foreign investors to ‘buy’ residency if they invest $500,000 into American job-creating projects.  This program has been criticized by no less a personage than Dianne Feinstein, is oversubscribed and abounds with fraud.  According to the State Department, Chinese investors make up over 80% of the EB-5 visa recipients.

From Sunbelt’s FAQ page:

An EB5 investor Visa is suitable for people from all walks of life: professionals, business people, persons wanting to facilitate their children’s education and to attend US Universities, persons just seeking a new or better life in the United States, and persons wanting to retire in the United States. Quite simply, the EB-5 visa gives you the opportunity and flexibility to do what you want in the USA. If you don’t want to actively manage your business, you should consider a Regional Center EB-5 Investment.

In addition to problematic financial ties, Strange has made several statements lately which call into question his immigration ‘hawk’ status, including this recent tweet apparently supporting  DACA legislation:

Luther Strange on Twitter

Congress must do its job and address #DACA. It is unconstitutional as an Executive Order.

Exit question: Does Trump know about Strange’s connections to EB-5, and if so, why is he endorsing him?


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