TakeTheKnee Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy On Speech

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TakeTheKnee was all the rage on Twitter as football players all over the NFL knelt or sat for the Star Spangled Banner on Sunday. This egregious protest of American values and blatant disrespect for the people who died for those values was vigorously defended by liberals everywhere. “They’re protesting black oppression!” “They’re protesting white supremacy!” “They’re protesting an illegitimate president installed by a Russian dictator!” And so on.

Of course the number one cry for liberals was “Free speech!” People who had never read the Constitution beyond what was summarized by a neo-liberal textbook in school suddenly became Constitutional scholars. TakeTheKnee was the ultimate expression of free speech, they cried. Free speech is something that must be defended with every fiber of our being. Anyone against TakeTheKnee is against free speech.

Liberals are utter hypocrites most times, but ESPECIALLY where free speech is concerned. I explain why here.


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