Why Is Jennifer Lawrence Crashing And Burning?

jennifer lawrence

This weekend saw the release of Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie, Mother! The movie was supposed to be the perfect end to the perfect summer of Hollywood blockbuster movies. Instead Mother! barely made $8 million in its opening weekend, and performed so poorly that J-Law is taking a 6 month break from movie-making. Why did a movie headlined by Jennifer Lawrence-the most desirable young actress in Hollywood today-do so poorly?

There’s another, more important question that must be answered as well. Why is Hollywood in general doing so poorly? The Summer of 2017 will go down in history as the worst Summer for Hollywood in 25 years. Hollywood keeps churning out big-name movies with big-name actors, but it’s very clear that the American public just isn’t buying it. Why? More importantly, what can Hollywood do, if anything, to reverse this trend?

I give you my thoughts from the (relative) safety of my car.

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