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Pope Francis Calls for Unlimited Migration, Open Borders

I’ve come to the conclusion that Francis probably feels the same way about the Catholic Church that other known leftist fanatics, such as Jeremiah Wright, feels about the United States. It simply doesn’t make sense otherwise why the Pope would be calling to flood Europe with hostile migrants of another faith who have no interest in Catholicism, at a time when Muslim violence against innocent people has exploded across the continent:

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis urged countries on Monday to greatly improve their welcome to migrants and stop any collective expulsions, saying migrants’ dignity and right to protection trumps national security concerns.

In the message, Francis demanded governments welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants, saying Jesus’ message of love is rooted in welcoming the “rejected strangers of every age.”

He said the principle of ensuring each person’s dignity “obliges us to always prioritize personal safety over national security.”

Ignoring critics who say his calls are unrealistic and naive, Francis insisted in the new message that border guards must be trained to protect migrants and that each new arrival, regardless of legal status, must be guaranteed access to basic services beyond basic health care.

That extends to guaranteeing access to consulates, the justice system and the ability to open a bank account and survive financially, he said.

Unaccompanied minors, he said, require even greater protection, including guaranteeing them citizenship and access to schooling, as well as foster programs rather than detention centers.

Of course, Francis has nothing to say about the “personal safety” of the Europeans who have been murdered or hurt by refugees, because to him their lives are worth less than dirt.

This is a Pope who worships Marx, and not God. Hopefully the church will do the right thing and remove him sooner, rather than later; he is incompetent, corrupt, and lacking in compassion for his own flock.

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