Fake News PSA: Charlottesville Organizer Jason Kessler Did NOT Work for CNN, Jason M Kessler Did

Jason Kessler

We’ve seen this story floated around on the internet after the dust settled from the Charlottesville, Virginia protests.

The story went, since Jason Kessler was an early Occupy Wall Street and Obama supporter and a noted lefty agitator even among the Occupy thugs, he allegedly went under deep cover in order to embarrass the right. That may be true. But we must not discount genuine changes in beliefs and affiliations over time.

Let’s say everything is true about him concerning the support for Barack Obama and the support for Occupy Wall Street. Fine. Jason Kessler has stated so himself that he’s had a conversion over the past few years. So has Trump in many ways.

But the reports coming out now insist that not only did he write for CNN, which is false, these reports insist that CNN had him on the payroll.

This is false that any fact finding mission will show.

Jason Kessler himself stated that he has never worked with CNN. (careful, a Snopes link)

The Jason Kessler that people are pointing to was a journalist for the (often fake news riddled) network until at least 2013 (from our research). He is not the same White Nationalist Jason Kessler that organized the protest in Charlottesville.

No, the man who was writing articles for CNN was named Jason M. Kessler. Here is a tweet, way back in the year 2013, from a fellow CNN employee lauding Kessler for getting a shoutout from Anderson Cooper. Note the Jason M Kessler profile:

Stephanie Gallman on Twitter

Just heard @andersoncooper say “@jasonmkessler reporting…” #awesome #CNN

The Jason M. Kessler who worked for CNN:

Jason M Kessler CNN

This is not being done to single out or attack TruePundit, but that outlet has frequently peddled fake news and continues to do so to this day.

Another recent bit of Fake News that TruePundit also distributed was an alleged Wikileaks email that supposedly shows several Republicans under the direct control of the Democrats.

They may act that way in Congress and the campaign trail (with the likes of McCain and Kasich), but the email that is referenced did not exist in any database with Wikileaks. TruePundit did not, nor did any source they linked to, provide the source Wikileaks email.


Written by NWC

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