Chaos in Charlottesville continues to mount as speculation runs wild.

  • Three people have died from the car crash.
  • Two people have died from the helicopter crash and a third from a hit and run, all law enforcement.
  • Dozens upon dozens injured from the car crash and the brawls from the clashes earlier.
  • Police have stated the driver may have panicked from the protesters
  • The man driving the car is believed to have been identified as James Alex Fields Jr. Earlier reports suggested it was Joel VanGheluwe, they have been confirmed to have been false as James Alex Fields Jr. has been taken into custody.


First up, there are two stories on 4Chan that are trying to identify the guy who drove the car into the crowd.



The First Guy: Joel VanGheluwe

This was the first ID that popped up about an hour after the incident. The theory is that the guy who drove into the crowd was Joel VanGheluwe, GotNews and TheGatewayPundit are saying it is him. 4Chan has found some very interesting things in his social media posts.

He’s apparently a leftist.

YET, the guy some on 4Chan are claiming is the guy is *STILL* posting to social networks. Either he has been able to get out (unlikely), someone is tweeting/posting in his stead, or he’s not the guy.


The Other Candidate: James Alex Fields Jr

The other suspect is James Alex Fields Jr. Someone identified the registration of the vehicle based on the license plate and an anonymous source sent the picture to this person’s Twitter account:

It is also being reported on Twitter and elsewhere that he was being directed to what him and his alleged accomplices were thinking was a crowd of Trump supporters, Confederate History supporters, and White Nationalists.

Instead it turned out he ran into a large crowd of antifa thugs.

But there is also another report that the guy was scared because people were starting to attack his vehicle and he panicked.

Now there are reports of a police helicopter that has crashed that was monitoring the protests, there is no other information at the moment, except that there may be fatalities.

People are feared dead after a police helicopter crashed and exploded into flames amid violent counter-demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Local reports suggested that two people were on board the aircraft when it went down in a wooded area south-west of the city.

A photo posted online purported to show the wreckage in a ball of flames, while other images showed smoke billowing into the air and part of the helicopter stuck in a tree.

A witness said the helicopter spiralled to the ground after it stalled and went out of control.

UPDATE: Confirmed Two Dead From the New York Daily News

The two people in the helicopter have died.

President Trump sends his condolences to the families of those killed/injured: