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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cry for Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon has left the White House. In fact, he left two weeks ago if Sara Carter is to be believed. There seems to be much chagrin with the news that has come to light.

I’m here to tell you why this is a good thing, or at least why this is not the apocalypse.


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cry for Steve Bannon 1 of 5

1. 1. Steve Bannon Has His Own Ambitions

During the primary, most of Breitbart under Bannon tolerated Trump because he was taking out the competition to Ted Cruz. Once Ted Cruz and Donald Trump turned on each other, many of the staffers at Breitbart turned into the Right Scoop. Steve Bannon, as CEO, supported Trump because of his nationalist tendencies over Ted Cruz, which was a reversal from his 2014 opinion backing Ted Cruz for President.

Bannon’s goal is to return the main overarching policy of the United States to a much more self centered, a nationalist stance. This stance is precisely why Trump shot to the stratosphere in the Republican primary after he announced his intentions to seek the nomination.

Bannon has used his term at the White House to advance his personal goals and increase his own personal influence. He’s going to use this influence he’s obtained by being an adviser to the President to spearhead his new push against the globalists in the White House and elsewhere once he makes his return to Breitbart, or wherever he ends up at.

And lest we all forget, Steve Bannon wanted to create an enemies list over people objecting to the health care bill being moved through the House of Representatives.

And lest we all forget, Steve Bannon was suspected to be a major source of leaks from the White House. If Trump asked him to stop leaking and he refused, well… that is the rest of the story.


2. 2. Trump was the Nationalist Before it was Cool

We didn’t elect Steve Bannon President, we elected Donald Trump President. Donald Trump endured the slings and arrows for his positions. Donald Trump single handedly brought his coalition together and it was Donald Trump who has kept them together.

Was Steve Bannon the one debating the Booger, Lil Marco, Low Energy, the Face, the Disgusting Eater, Poodle Hair Paul, and the demon beast queen Crooked Hillary? No.

Trump has his own set of core beliefs apart from Steve Bannon. Trump will still have them after this.


3. 3. Trump Runs the White House… Not Bannon, Not McMaster, Not Cohn

Contrary to what drama queens Cernovich and friends say, Trump runs the White House, not McMaster, Powell, Cohen, and yes even Ivanka and Kushner.

I’ve had my criticisms in the past over Trump’s decisions to keep these people around, but ultimately, we need to remember that he alone is in control of the situation and that he has the final say on the decisions made by those who work under him.

As an example, he has overruled McMaster several times. He’s clearly shocked his advisors (according to the fake news media, but looking at the response the elected politicians, it is definitely plausible his own establishment friendly wing of advisers felt the same way) with his statements clarifying the Charlottesville protests.

If this was a kept man, if this was a man who was suffering under the yoke of his advisers, would he be making these statements that over 60% of Americans agree with?

These advisors, who have Trump’s brain under lock and key, would want him to be making statements similar to Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

I don’t believe in 4D, 10D chess. It is a stupid farce to think these things are gamed out to that degree and to that far out into the future.

Unless Trump has access to time travel technology of course.

Plus, there is always Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller.


4. 4. Steve Bannon Will Be More Effective Outside the White House

Just like Lewandowski’s departure, Steve Bannon has “left” the White House and will be working to destroy the globalists openly.

The departure leaves him to blow up the palace instead of playing the palace politics game.

Steve Bannon can now fully leverage the Breitbart behemoth against those very globalists that media people with “inside sources” have been saying he’s been fighting against inside the White House.

Breitbart will likely return to its pre Trump Presidency roots and start firing on all cylinders against enemies of the United States’ interests. He’s told people to prepare themselves for Bannon da Barbarian:

In the days leading up to his exit Friday, Steve Bannon told associates that he felt profoundly constrained by the limits of the federal government and was itching to return to the outside world. He would be freer there to engage in the kind of militant political combat that catapulted him to national fame and thrust him into the center of Trump’s orbit.

It was time, he told friends, to get ready for “Bannon da barbarian.”

Get ready for a barrage leftists masquerading as GOP, it looks like Bannon da Barbarian is a coming:

Bannon’s departure from the White House positions him to become a major player on the outside — where he’s certain to push the administration to the right and wage war against the moderate Trump aides he’s long collided with.

Bannon has floated the idea of returning to Breitbart, the bomb-throwing conservative website he formerly led. He is almost certain to link up with hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, who have long bankrolled Bannon’s political projects, including Breitbart. On Wednesday, two days before he announced his exit, Bannon met for several hours in New York with Robert Mercer, according to two people familiar with the huddle.

Over the months, Bannon and Mercer have stayed in close touch on a number of topics, including Mercer’s decision to invest heavily in the primary campaign to unseat GOP Rep. Jeff Flake, a vocal Trump critic. Some people close to Bannon believe he could oversee the influential Mercer political operation, a perch that would give him access to millions of campaign dollars heading into the 2018 midterms, or launch a Mercer-funded media venture.

UPDATE- And here ya go:

5. 5. Steve Bannon May Have “Snapped” Under the Pressure

Doomberg has been arguing an alternative theory in our debates. Steve Bannon was thrust from behind the curtains at Breitbart into the high energy, intense political battles inside Washington D.C. The backbiting and passive aggressive nature of politics would be draining on even the strongest of individuals.

Could this have broken the man? The man was dealing with enormous pressure from both Trump and the outside world. He was becoming a blank slate figure that people were pouring their hopes into to “talk some sense into Trump.”

After reading that interview and remembering Doomberg’s remarks, he very well could have just snapped. An excerpt of his crazy and stupid idea:

Bannon said he might consider a deal in which China got North Korea to freeze its nuclear buildup with verifiable inspections and the United States removed its troops from the peninsula, but such a deal seemed remote. Given that China is not likely to do much more on North Korea, and that the logic of mutually assured destruction was its own source of restraint, Bannon saw no reason not to proceed with tough trade sanctions against China.

A repeat of Iraq pre-invasion is what we need right now with North Korea. And not only that, a complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops from mainland East Asia. That IS crazy talk.

In the coming days, we’ll see if things calm down at the White House.

We will also see if Scaramucci’s talk was correct that Bannon was a a major source of leaks. But we shouldn’t fear a departure of this adviser, Trump as always, is in control.

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