10 Most Wanted Democrats in 2018 Midterms

The failure of the recent Obamacare repeal and replace vote in the Senate by a single vote vividly demonstrated the importance of every single Senate race to the future of the country.

President Trump prominently mentioned this in his rally speech in Phoenix Tuesday night.

The upcoming 2018 midterm elections offer an unusually favorable map for Republicans to increase their currently razor thin Senate majority.  Of course, one-third of the Senators are up for re-election each two year election cycle, and 2018 happens to feature an unusually lopsided vulnerability for the Democrats vis-a-vis the Republicans.

25 Senate Democrats must stand for re-election in 2018, versus only 9 Senate Republicans.  Moreover, 10 of those Democrats up for re-election represent states which were won by President Trump in 2016; and some of those margins were quite substantial.

As most people know, not a single Democrat in either the House or Senate voted with President Trump on the Obamacare repeal and replace plans.

Here are the Ten Most Wanted Democrats for 2018:

Senator Joe Machin (D), WV. Trump won West Virginia last November by 42 points.

Heidi Heitkamp (D), ND Trump won North Dakota last November by 37 points.

Jon Tester (D), MT. Trump won Montana last November by 21 points.

Clair McCaskill (D), MO. Trump won Missouri last November by 18 points.

Joe Donnelly (D), IN.  Trump won Indiana last November by 20 points.

Sherrod Brown (D), OH.  Trump won Ohio last November by 8 points.

Tammy Baldwin (D), WI.  Trump won Wisconsin last November by 1 point.

Bob Casey (D), PA.  Trump won Pennsylvania last November by 1 point.

Bill Nelson (D), FL.  Trump won Michigan last November by 1 point.

Debbie Stabenow (D), MI.  Trump won Michigan last November by 1 point.

Certainly, there will be vigorous primary battles in some of the 9 GOP Senate contests in 2018, but of course none of the 9 Senate Republicans voted against Trump and McConnell on the crucial health insurance vote.  Obviously, the 10 Senate Democrats listed above represent the best opportunity to amass the Senate votes needed to pass more of the Trump agenda in the second half of the first Trump term.

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