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Winning in the Era of Trump

Sometimes it's hard to tell

Last month I wrote how the shoe was on the other foot in terms of how people perceive what’s going on in politics. In brief, during the previous administration we spun ourselves up over Obama’s birth certificate, Fast and Furious, the apology tour, Obamacare care before the Supreme Court, Benghazi, Hillary’s email server, and numerous other issues. Each and every time the MSM said “move along, nothing to see here.” And each issue hit a minor crescendo, faded away, and left us all frustrated and confused. In the world of the left, we were “right wing nut jobs” while the Obama administration demonstrated how to run the ‘perfect presidency.’ Gag!

Today, it’s all the other way round. The left sees nothing but issues, concerns, horrors, and the dismantling of the ‘perfect presidency’ by a buffoon who stole the election.

The difference is that the MSM, instead of saying “move along, nothing to see here,” is the enabler of all the angst the left is going through. In fact, they’re all going through it themselves!

And guess what? It’s the right who’s going “move along, nothing to see here.”

The difficulty, of course, is that the MSM has a considerably louder voice than we have. (Except for Doomberg, of course, and NWC when someone gets him going on immigration.)

The point being, all of the consternation from the MSM is the same kind of noise we allowed ourselves to be spun up by except broadcast through a much larger megaphone.

In the face of this huge amount of noise, it’s very difficult to pick out the wins we’re actually attaining.

With Obama, everything was a huge win with a halo oddly appearing around his head during the photo op.

Let’s start with the judge in Hawaii who ruled that grandparents were entitled to enter the country during the 90-day ban on travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Win or loss?

Actually, that’s a trick question because it’s totally irrelevant. The win all along was stopping unaccompanied military age men from entering the country. Done and done.

Of course, the Trump administration needs to fight this ruling but it simply doesn’t matter.

The next big test will be what happens when the 90-day ban is over. I’d suggest the criteria for a win will be the same — extreme vetting of unaccompanied military age men.

How about Repeal and Replace? The jury is still out on this one and you certainly can’t chalk up a win here. I’m afraid we can’t blame it on the MSM either.

I wrote in President Trump Calls a Friend that until we get people involved who actually know about insurance and not just giving stuff away, this just isn’t going to come together. What little faith I had in the GOPe is long since gone.

How about Iraq? We’re winning bigly in Iraq. Mosul is liberated not by a police action but by the annihilation of ISIS fighters. Done and done.

How about Syria? Both Russia and the United States are systemically annihilating ISIS fighters there as well. We have different goals but there’s truth that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Immigration? Since just before Trump was elected last November, the U.S. has deported 167,350 foreigners, compared with 240,255 in all of fiscal year 2016. Immigrants from Latin America make up the most by far, with Mexico leading the way at about 93,000. Win. 

In Denver the other day a number of “immigration rights” groups made a plea to Governor John Hickenlooper, Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and the state’s Congressional leaders Thursday to protect the DACA program from being struck down in federal courts.

Here’s my $0.02. If you think your Democrat Governor has the power to protect you, you don’t understand the system very well and I don’t want you here as a citizen.

You gotta love Governor Hickenlooper’s statement:

Colorado is better when DREAMers pursue an education and contribute to our communities. Our state benefits from those supported by DACA. Immigrants help form the fabric of our culture and that culture doesn’t support tearing families apart!

As near as I can tell, the important part is the explanation mark that pretty way says the state is powerless but is really, really, really mad.

I don’t think that’s what they were hoping for.

Veteran’s affairs — five hundred and forty-eight Department of Veterans Affairs employees have been fired since President Donald Trump took office. Another 200 VA workers were suspended and 33 demoted. Win.

Education department — Proposed $9.2 billion in cuts. The GOPe will no doubt put money back in but it’s damn well about time we had a President and his Cabinet who were more concerned about doing the right thing than increasing government largess.

What’s the MSM yapping about today? Education Department Official Apologizes For ‘Flippant’ Campus Sexual Assault Comments. Win.

Let me close with an observation about leadership in large organizations.

If you have ever worked for a company that’s larger than 1,000 employees or so, you know that the CEO has virtually no idea about what’s being done at the day to day level of their workers. Oddly, workers still seem to believe they do and more oddly voters believe a President has any idea what’s happening on the ground in Syria on any particular day or the trade-offs in implementing one aspect of Repeal-and-Replace over another.

The President’s cabinet (including those not requiring confirmation) amounts to 33 people. Think about that! Thirty three people who all have dozens to thousands of people under them doing hundreds and hundreds of different programs and projects.

Let’s just say President Trump wanted to give a PowerPoint slide presentation to the American people. If he asked for two slides from each person, that’s 66 slides and would take about two hours to give. If you haven’t sat through something like this, you know how lacking in detail it is! And yet, that’s a huge amount of information to know and understand.

Let’s just go with Make America Great Again and watch as the Trump agenda continues to roll out while the MSM wastes a lot of energy spinning up the left.

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